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19 jun

How to Give Furniture a Vintage or Rustic Effect

RobertCordrayMany homeowners use procedures to distress their furniture. When a furniture piece has a vintage look, it has more character. Although there are stores that sell vintage furniture pieces, most homeowners distress their current furniture pieces because it is a cheaper option.

Selecting An Item

Homeowners who never distressed a piece of furniture must understand a few things. For example, an expensive piece of furniture should not be distressed. Instead, choose a cheaper piece of furniture. If there are no cheap furniture pieces in the home, various options can be purchased at a thrift store. Beginners should practice their skills on cheap furniture because the end results may not be efficient.

Using The Tools

To distress a furniture piece, sand paper will be needed. The sand paper should have a coarse grit. Furniture that is unfinished must be sanded; sanding will smooth the surface. However, if the furniture has a coat of paint, use sand paper to remove most of the paint. Do not remove all of the paint because the old finish gives the furniture a weathered look. After sanding is complete, use a tack cloth to remove the dust that was produced after the sanding process.

Advanced Sanding Procedures

The edges of the furniture should be sanded because sanding gives the surface a vintage effect. The furniture can be sanded with a sanding block or a coarse-grit sandpaper. When sanding the surface, rub the edges and corners vigorously. After sanding is complete, the surface should be rounded and uneven. This procedure also gives the furniture a weathered effect.

How To Use A Hammer And Chisel

A hammer and chisel will give the furniture cracks. To use the tools, put the chisel on the wood surface. The proper location is very important because wood furniture will only crack along the grain. Once a proper spot is located, tap the chisel with the hammer several times until the surface cracks.

The hammer can also place depressions in the furniture. Depressions give furniture an aged effect. To give the furniture depressions, tap the furniture in numerous locations until small depressions appear.

How To Scratch The Furniture

A wire brush should be used to scratch the furniture. Rub the brush on the surface in various locations to scratch the material. This procedure can also be used after furniture is painted or stained.

How To Use A Drill

Furniture that is vintage has small gaps. To give the furniture these gaps, use a standard power drill. Each gap should be placed near one another. This procedure mimics insect damage.

Proper Replacement Procedures

A vintage piece of furniture will not have any shiny metal parts, so these components should be replaced. Replaced these components with aged pulls, screws, feet, and latches. These items are usually sold at vintage furniture stores. There are also stores that sell barndoor hardware.

Apply Wood Stain

Wood stain must be applied to the furniture. However, the surface should be cleaned with a tack cloth before the staining product is used. After the surface is cleaned, brush the staining product on the wood along the wood grain. Once the product is applied, wipe it off the surface using the cloth. This will help the product access the dents and cracks. After the product dries, seal it using a clean varnish.

Other Rustic Procedures

Professional painters can also give furniture a rustic effect. Professional painters will use the proper paint tones and colors to give the surface an aged effect. The process of painting wood can be challenging if the correct procedures are not used. Wood has various grains that must be painted properly. After the painter completes the project, other procedures can be used to increase the rustic effect.

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