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08 feb

A struggling economy is the perfect time to reinvent yourself

KathiBurnsDuring this current economy millions of people are coping with major unexpected change.

The Change Nation interview with Daryn Kagan is the perfect example of someone taking a seemingly dire situation and making lemons out of lemonaide. When faced with the demise of her job, she took that golden opportunity to embrace change and recreate a new career based on her passions, an inspirational news web site. I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of hearing about good news instead of news about war, poverty and disharmony.

If you find yourself unemployed and wondering what to do next, consider taking the time right now to discover what your true skills, talents and passions are and how you might best offer them to the world. I did this shortly after 911 and the demise of my tourism related business. Without 911, I would not be living my purpose and offering my highest talents to the world because I never had the time to stop and take a serious look at what I really wanted to do. I am sure you know the story: you get on the ‘money train’ and cant stop it long enough to jump off safely. Maybe you didn’t jump but were dumped, so what? This is still your perfect opportunity to begin anew.

Take this golden opportunity to recreate your life so that you can now live the life of your dreams. Some of the most successful businesses in the world began when the economy was in recession, just look at Microsoft and Apple. Embrace change and get started now creating the life of your dreams now!

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07 mar

Billionaires of Change

As you can imagine, friends often email me quotes on change and articles that mention change. Yesterday I received an article from Forbes on the World’s Billionaires. Apparently, there’s a lot of change going on in the world of billionaires. Most notably, Bill Gates, who held the top spot on Forbes’ list for 13 years, has dropped down to number three. The richest man in the world is now Warren Buffet, followed by Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim Helu.

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