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21 jul

Prosperity Paradigm Part 2: Knowing What We’re Really Worth

SkySheridanWar, poverty, corruption, hunger, misery, human suffering will not change in a monetary system. That is, there will be very little significant change. It’s going to take the total redesign of our culture and values. -Jacque Fresco

Think of it. If one cell in your body survives and succeeds at the expense of the entire organism, it will soon no longer have the organism in order to succeed off of, and it, alone will die. And this is what is happening with the old consciousness and energy on our planet. The way the system has been set up for all of us is no longer being accepted because we are waking up to our worth.

The fear paradigm has been presented to humanity for ages. It asks us to turn over our power to an authority, an outside power. It is a world where few have power, benefit, and truth. We’ve lived it and tried it and it is failing all of us. We are still at war. We are still sick with disease. We are still hungry and hoping for the truth: that love and life are the most valuable currency.

Without the success of the entire planet and all its beings, you and I cannot succeed either. And without the knowing of self, and achieving of success within the self, then the world will not succeed either. It starts with YOU.

Shifting the way we think about our personal worth starts by “Knowing Thyself”. You are infinitely rich in potential. You don’t need money in order to achieve anything of worth. Don’t ever forget that anyone who has ever changed the world, like Gandhi, left a legacy of fulfillment like Dr. Martin Luther King, or found freedom like the forefathers, did so by started with what was inside of them, their thoughts, and you’re a walking bank of them right now.

When do we begin to value ourselves, and the planet over profit? It’s already happening. A visible conscious shift is underway within today’s consumer. We are getting connected on issues like saving the planet, we are interested in organic food, holistic healing and yoga, we want to help each other regardless of nationality or religion, we are getting involved, we want to use our power to create healthier more meaningful lives.

And think about the things that really have value and meaning in your life. The things that bring you joy. Your unique experiences. Your first kiss. A smile from a stranger. That hug you needed when you felt down in the dumps. How about when you paint, sing, dance, write or draw? Creativity is really what we value because creators are who we really are.

Richard Florida, author of The Rise of the Creative Class, postulates that in order for the economy to thrive, it has to radically evolve. It is going to have to put, as financial guru Suze Orman puts it, “people first, then money.” Because of the Internet, and the age of information and awareness, companies and governments are forced to become accountable, transparent, socially/ecologically responsible and they are answering to us, the people. And we are eager to go green and give back. We want products that are by the people, for the people.

The destructive economy is dying of its own unsustainable accord and the creative economy is emerging. You can join it by shifting your consciousness within, to you.

As infinite potential, our consciousness contains all the collective components necessary to not just merely survive this life, but to thrive in it. Life is a gift, not a test. Life thrives on the bottom of the ocean with no sunlight, plants grow out of the cracks of cement, our entire pale blue dot of a planet swims in the midst of chaotic deadly cosmic sea. There is always a way for life to be prosperous, beautiful and joyful regardless of the outer circumstances. That is because the value of life comes from within, where the divine lives.

Now is our time to embrace this and shift the current economy to something that serves and values all of us. Until every man, woman and child is clothed, housed and fed, and until we restore our lives to the natural emergent harmonious cycles and systems of nature, which is the enemy of profit (scarcity) because ALL life is abundantly prosperous. Prosperity is the natural state of our unlimited ability to create an abundance of anything we desire.

Once we shift our consciousness from being currency centered to being connected with our true inner worth, which also means being connected to each other and the planet, we can begin to construct a world that eradicates war, poverty, corruption, suffering, hunger and separation.

Lets start being aware right now that we can set ourselves free to create an economy that we deserve, one that places the value of people and the planet first. Because we are, and always have been, abundantly wealthy in the one currency (or energy) that never loses value, can be bought or sold, or that is scarce; LOVE. And love is what we are all really worth.

Sky Sheridan is founder of the conscious Ad-venture, Called2Create. Find out how to empower your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about yourself, others and the world by clicking here: Called2Create and awaken your creative capacity and infinite potential now.

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09 apr

We Are Not Our Bodies

mike_robbinsI shaved my head again last week. This is the fourth time in the past five years I’ve done this. As has been the case for me before – it feels both liberating and vulnerable. My hair has been thinning for about ten years (most significantly in the past two or three) and, as I’ve written about a few times previously, this has caused me a great deal of fear, insecurity, and self criticism.

These feelings are not new and aren’t specifically related to my thinning hair (although it is definitely something that triggers them for me in an intense way). Being critical of my appearance and concerned about my body have been consistent themes throughout my life – as a teenager with acne and braces, as a college and pro baseball player battling years of painful arm injuries, as the natural aging process starts to affect my hair, skin, etc., and so much more – there have been and continue to be aspects of my body that I don’t like, feel ashamed of, and worry about.

The deeper issue here for me and so many of us isn’t about our bodies themselves, but how much we identify with them. I’ve lived most of my life as if I am my body, even though for a number of years I’ve been aware, at least intellectually, that this is not the case.

We tend to focus a lot of our attention on our bodies, at least superficially. We think about, talk about, and worry about how our bodies look, feel, and function all the time. Some of us clearly do this more than others – but if you just pay attention to the conversations, information, media, and advertisements around you on a daily basis, amazing to see how much obsession there is about our bodies and also how much we tend to equate our success, effectiveness, and well being to our physical experience.

While there’s nothing wrong with us wanting to look good and it’s vitally important that we focus on keeping our bodies as healthy as possible, in many cases, we place a disproportionate amount of our self worth and value (or lack thereof) on our bodies. In other words, we think that if we look good and feel good, we are good. And, we think that if we feel bad, get sick, feel tired, or don’t like our appearance, we somehow are bad (or at least not as good as we could or should be).

We also don’t often make much distinction between our physical state and our other states (mental, emotional, and spiritual). I remember hearing a story of a Buddhist monk who only slept two or three hours per night, because he was so busy tending to the poor, sick, and needy people in his community. When people asked him, “Don’t you get tired?” he responded by saying, “My body gets tired sometimes, but I’m alive and vibrant.” The story really struck me and illustrated the important distinction between us and our physical body.

Our bodies are brilliant, beautiful, and miraculous – even though we often don’t think of, treat, or talk about them that way. As my friend, Steve Sisgold, teaches in his wonderful book, What’s Your Body Telling You?, we can tap into the power of “whole body consciousness” and use the innate wisdom of our bodies to reduce stress, create peace, and attract success in our lives.

I’m not advocating that we disconnect from our bodies (which is so easy for us to do in our culture as we over emphasize the mental aspect of life and focus more on results than we do on experience), but I am suggesting that we disassociate ourselves from the notion that who we are is simply the flesh and bones we travel around in. Our bodies are an important aspect of who we are, but far from all of who we are.

Our body weight does not determine our worth. Our level of health (or lack thereof) is not an indication of our value as a human being. How much hair we have (or whatever other physical issue you obsess about) doesn’t make us a good or bad person. And, how we look and feel is not the ultimate indicator of our success, fulfillment, and worthiness in life.

We are so much more than our bodies! When we’re able to realize, remember, and live from this awareness – we can take back our power, transform some of our fear, and create a healthy, loving, and empowering relationship with our body that serves, supports, and enhances our growth and our experience ourselves and of life in general.

Mike Robbins is a sought-after motivational keynote speaker, coach, and the bestselling author of Focus on the Good Stuff (Wiley) and Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken (Wiley). More info –

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