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04 jun

News from Ariane!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been missing on this blog for a while and wanted to explain my absence.

I was living in Cape Town, South Africa for the last few years, enjoying motherhood and nature and working on a few interesting ideas.

We have recently moved back to New York City and I’m excited to announce a few things:

I’m currently working at TED as an Entrepreneur in Residence, exploring how to best teach life skills to young kids. Look out for my TED talk soon to be posted.

I’ve also just launched a new trilogy of books called Giggles and Joy: Spiritual Life Lessons for Kids. If you want some help raising happy, healthy, conscious and empowered kids, please visit the website, Whether you are a parent, godparent, uncle, aunt or caregiver to our tiny humans, I know you will find these a wonderful gift and addition to your tool kit.

If you missed it, I also released an app called Mindful365, which is for busy people like you, who want to boost their spirit, do some of the inner work, focus on their own growth and development, yes, in the midst of jobs, family, big cities and overall stressful demands of life!

Finally, I’m spending more time over at my personal website these days, and am combining all my initiatives into one there.

Please come over and visit and sign up to the newsletter to be kept informed of new adventures!

Please do keep in touch with me. Best email is

Here’s to all that is good, true and beautiful coming to all of us.

Kind wishes,


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