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19 jun

What Exactly Made Flappy Bird Such a Successful Game?

RobertCordrayFlappy Bird remains to be one of the most popular apps in the world. It catapulted to stardom several months ago when it was reaching an average of $50,000 per day in ad revenue for the creator. With a simple plot of the game on trying to keep the bird flapping its wings to make it through the small opening, the challenging game reached millions upon millions of downloads. So what did Flappy Bird do right that hundreds of thousands of apps didn’t do?

What did Flappy Bird do right?

The app poses some interesting challenges that you would never guess was going to be played by millions. The main question now by many app programmers and businessmen in general is what they did differently. First of all, the UX of the game is so different. The user experience is oftentimes the main reason on what makes people want to keep playing. Is the game fun? Does it have a concept the majority of people like?

The game is so intriguing because it has a simple concept anyone can grasp; to get that bird in between the two “Mario Bros.” transportation areas. The game requires for users to tap the screen for when they want Flappy to jump up, and the key is to time the landing so the jumping is done at the right time to go through.

The game is also difficult in nature with its simple concept, and when a game can be played without instructions or knowledge beforehand, you know the game is interesting. It’s a fast paced game where a single try lasts for a mere 10 seconds for the majority of gamers. Flappy Bird was such an enticing game that it caused people to make their friends play against them; a strong component as to what made the game have countless people play it. The game created a bit of competitiveness in users because of its difficulty, and this form of word of mouth marketing is what catapulted the game into stardom.

The biggest misconception with the game was that it made $50,000 and had millions of downloads in just days or weeks. This couldn’t be anything further from the truth considering the game was released back in May of 2013, and it took months and months for it to gain the success it did now. It wasn’t an overnight process, but more of a 6-7 month process before it grew and made money,

What did they do differently from other games?

The game is simple and fast to play with no rules, but its difficult concept makes you want to master it. The game is somewhat famous the same way Candy Crush gained notoriety, but Flappy Bird became popular because of its easy platform with little to no instructions.

Another thing that is so different from other apps is its simple interface. The design of the game makes it look like the original Mario Bros. game, and because it only required just one click to control the game, the simplicity made it such a great idea. The nostalgia it created for most adults made it even more interesting.

Flappy Bird was a success because of being in the right place at the right time. The advertising it once got made a big difference. On Twitter, a company called Chocolate Lab Apps shared the fun game, and it caused a huge ruckus and got the app the attention it needed. Had the app not been shared by that app company or shared by others, it could have been buried in the middle of thousands of other unknown apps.

It is very true that a huge amount of luck came into its success and about being in the right place at the right time. However, it was the creator, Dong Nguyen’s, simple idea that made people interested. If it wasn’t such a noble and simple game idea, it probably wouldn’t have gotten the attention it got.

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