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The Stressful Job Interview: 7 Preparation Tips

RobertCordrayIt’s the chance of a lifetime you’ve been waiting for. You’ve finally gotten past the application process and gotten an interview for the job of your dreams. It’s something you only have one shot at, so it’s understandable if you’re nervous and excited at the same time. The key to overcoming those nerves is to go in prepared for whatever happens. So how do you prepare? Here are just a few tips that should prove helpful.

1. Clear Your Schedule

Act as if your job interview is the most important thing you’re doing that day, because it most likely really is. Once you know what time your interview is, clear out as much space in your schedule as you can. Leave well ahead of time; there’s nothing wrong with getting there early but plenty wrong with arriving late. You should also find out if there will be any pre-assessment tests beforehand, which might affect your schedule.

2. Know the Company

Before setting foot in the office, find out as much as you can about the company you’re interviewing for. Researching the company can help prepare you for any questions the interviewer may ask. You’ll be able to find out what kind of culture the company has, and you’ll have more knowledge on your prospective job.

3. Dress the Part

Choose what you’ll wear to the interview at least a day before the interview is scheduled to take place. That will give you plenty of time to clean and press it if necessary. When it comes to selecting the right outfit, dress in the type of clothes appropriate for your job or go even nicer. You won’t look bad if you overdress, but you’ll definitely look out of place if you underdress.

4. Prepare Your Answers

There are many questions interviewers will likely ask. Perhaps you’ve already been asked some in previous interviews. Before the interview, practice answering these common questions, like what interests you about the job, or what some of your biggest achievements are, or even what salary you’re looking for. Knowing how you’ll answer beforehand will help calm those nerves.

5. Loosen Up With Exercise

Perhaps you’re still feeling nervous and tense. The best way to get the blood flowing and the muscles relaxed is through exercise. That doesn’t mean a strenuous regimen a few hours before the interview. Just take a few minutes to stretch, get physically active, or do one of the short exercises diagrammed on NuSkin’s Facebook page. While you’re waiting, you can also calm yourself with some simple breathing exercises.

6. Study Your Resume

Know what you have in your resume from top to bottom. The interviewer will likely ask a lot of questions based off of what’s in there. Be prepared to talk all about your education, qualifications, and past jobs you’ve held. Showing confidence in your resume also shows confidence in your skills.

7. Ask Questions

Once you’re finally in the interview, listen closely and ask questions of your own. By engaging the interviewer, you show more interest in the job and the company. This also makes the interaction less like an interview and more like a conversation. If you need to, prepare your questions beforehand so you’re ready when the opportunity arrives.

There’s no denying that a job interview can be a stressful experience, but you can ease your worries with enough preparation. Following these tips can help you get that job you’ve always wanted.

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