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Creating a Beautiful Entryway

RobertCordrayThe entryway is the first view that a guest has of the inside of your home, and it’s important for it to make a statement while being welcoming. Fortunately, there are ways that can be done that won’t force you to take out a second mortgage. It doesn’t matter if the entryway is big and wide enough to be its own room or short and narrow.

A Skylight For a Narrow Entryway

Speaking of an entryway that’s short and narrow, one solution is to install a skylight that stretches the length of the entryway. The natural light flooding in will relieve a lot of the claustrophobia of a narrow space. It’s also a good idea to hang photos on the walls that will benefit by being lit by the skylight. The floor might be partially covered by a brightly colored runner that also runs the length of the entry hall.

A bigger entry hall might be decorated with a bull’s eye mirror with a demilune beneath it. The demilune can hold a vase of flowers or can be the place where the homeowner places bric-a-brac, bowls or other attractive items. A high ceiling can allow a fairly large crystal chandelier or an etched glass and wrought iron lantern. A sliding barn door can separate the entryway from a hall that leads to the rest of the house. If the entryway is wide enough, a simple round pedestal table can be placed right beneath the hanging lantern, and a set of armchairs can be placed against the walls or beneath a window. A portrait of a family member can also be hung on a wall facing the door.


An entryway that opens up on a view of a sweeping staircase also makes a dramatic statement. The curve of the staircase can be echoed by an arched entrance to the rest of the house. A pattern of tiles can also be constructed in the middle of the floor that either blends in with or contrasts with the dominant colors in the entryway. The family crest can even be in the middle of the tile decoration.

The entryway might also be big enough for a substantial rug whose colors are echoed on runners that cascade down the middle of the stairs steps. The entrance to the living room might be to the right of the entryway while the entrance to the dining room can be to the right.

Indoors and Outdoors

A stunning entryway doesn’t necessarily have to be at the front of the house. Entryways that open to the backyard or the patio can also be dramatic. For example, a blue color scheme in the entryway that leads from the pool area can echo the blue of the water. This can be done with blue upholstery on chair seats, pottery like blue willow ware on a central table or blue striped wallpaper.


Entryways are also excellent places for storage. There are ways that storage units can be placed in an entryway that’s very esthetically pleasing. Wall high cabinets with hardware that echo the hardware on the front door can be placed in the entryway. Beside them, made out of the same material and in the same color, can be roll out drawers for sports equipment and other items. Shelves above them can display items that are more pleasant to look at. On the other side of the entryway, the homeowner can install a bench that’s also a storage unit. The seat flips up to reveal the storage space. Above that is a rack with hooks for coats, sweaters and hats.

These few tips should help to give a homeowner ideas that can make his or her entryway an inviting place of peace and beauty.

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