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08 apr

How Social Media Can Help You Start Exercising

RobertCordrayWhen it comes to fitness, social media may not immediately come to mind. After all, most people are visiting social networks while sitting at their computer or using their smartphone. Nothing about social media immediately screams “physically active,” but it’s quickly becoming a potent force in helping people lose weight and exercise. If you’re looking for a way to start your own exercise regimen, here are some tips to get you on the right path.

Motivation and Reminders

No doubt you’re already well connected to friends and family on social media. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are now regular destinations for people looking to keep up to date with what others are doing. Those same friends and family have the potential to help you set and work toward your fitness goals. If you have a goal to get out and run a mile every other day, your friends can help remind you of that fact, helping you stick with it. Social media can also be used to look for others outside of your Facebook friends. There are communities out there specifically dedicated to working out. These communities can offer consistent motivation when you lack the drive to exercise.

Instruction and Advice

Social media can also be an effective tool if you’re not sure what kind of workout you should adopt. YouTube in particular is a massive resource for finding instructional videos of workout routines or getting tips and advice on how to meet your goals. YouTube is also the home of numerous video blogs put on by regular people as they strive toward a fitter lifestyle. Like friends and communities on Facebook, these video blogs can be a motivating factor that help you understand your goals are achievable no matter how difficult things may get.

Companies on Social Media

Many companies are seeing the effect social media is having. As a result, they’re increasing their own social media presence. These include health companies, who have it in their interest to help people get healthy through weight loss and exercise. Many of these companies will send out motivational posts on Facebook or Twitter. They may also give diet and exercise advice, while providing example of workouts you could use for your routine. Personal care company Nu Skin’s Facebook page is a good example of this.

Social Exercise Networks

Some social media networks you might want to check out have been specifically built for exercise communities. They provide added motivation while also giving you a way to track your progress. Fitocracy gives out awards like badges and props whenever you reach certain goals. Traineo not only helps you track how many calories you’re burning, it puts you in touch with four other members who will serve as your motivators. MBodyment allows you to join specific workout groups while giving you access to fitness videos.

Social Media Apps

There are plenty of social media apps you can use as well. When downloaded on a smartphone or tablet, they give you daily and weekly reminders that help you keep pace with your fitness goals. In addition to giving you another way to track your progress, they also give you the chance to write your own motivational messages to save for later.

Social media is used or almost everything, so it should come as no surprise it can be quite effective when promoting fitness and exercise. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals. All it takes is for you to get started.

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