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07 mar

Fun Hobbies That Can End Up Making You Some Good Money!

RobertCordrayHow many times has someone told you that you are so good at your favorite hobby that you should turn it into your career? You may have laughed off the idea when it was brought up, but you should give it some serious thought. There are several hobbies that, if done with passion and dedication, could wind up making you money.

Wood Pen Making

Woodworking experts always find unique ways to express themselves through their art. Wood pen making is a hobby that could bring you orders from business professionals, companies, and people looking for the perfect gift for the executive in their lives. Bullet pens make handy little gifts that people can give on holidays, birthdays, or to commemorate a special occasion.


Thanks to the many advances in technology, more people are starting to be able to take pictures like professionals. If you love taking pictures, and you get compliments for your work all of the time, then offer your services for weddings and special occasions.

You can also take the kinds of pictures that you like and sell them online to customers all over the world. If you really want to get into the world of photography, then look into setting up a booth at your local arts and crafts show to sell your work to the people who pass by.

Car Restoration

You spend your weekends restoring old cars and you have become very good at it. You can use that hobby to make a lot of money in two different ways. One way is to sell the cars that you restore. Just be sure that you do some research on their value and get a fair price each time.

Your other source of income can come from restoring cars for other people. You would be surprised at how many people in your area have classic cars that they would pay handsomely to have restored.


If you are a musician and you love to play your instrument and sing for friends and family members, then you have all that you need to make some good money on the side. You can go out as a one-man show and play for dinner crowds all over the area, or you can get involved with a group and play clubs on the weekends.

You can also join the local musician’s union and get work in the live theater productions that come through your area. If you can read music, then you can make a lot of money playing those part-time gigs.

Putting Together Computers

A technically inclined person who spends his spare time building computers for his own use can use that skill to make good money. Let your friends and family members know that you build computers and quote a fair price based on the needs of the customer. After a while, you will start to get referrals to make computers for people all over the area.

When you enjoy a hobby, you never really think about its financial possibilities. But if you are good at a service that people will pay for, then you should think about using your hobby to make good money.

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