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A Day in the Life of an IT Professional

RobertCordrayHave you ever wondered what it takes to be a successful IT professional? Technical knowledge is important, but it’s only the first of an IT pro’s tools. Each day, experts in information technology face complex business challenges.

To get an idea what it’s like behind the scenes, let’s take a look at a day in the life of an IT professional.

1) Inept Customers

In most enterprises, the information technology team runs a help desk for solving user problems. Little do users realize that many of the technical problems they encounter have the same cause: Them. IT professionals need to quickly diagnose each issue and apply the most efficient solution. Plus, they must provide excellent customer service even in cases where the user’s own lack of knowledge might be the culprit.

2) Information Security

Some users could stand to brush up on their computer skills, but at least they mean well. Sadly, that’s not true of everyone the IT pro runs into! The corporate network can come under attack at virtually any time thanks to hackers or rogue software. These threats unfold rapidly, in real time, as the perpetrator seeks to gain access to the network and spread harm. During an attack, an IT pro might be called upon to use dozens of tools in a matter of minutes to protect sensitive data.

3) Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

When the network isn’t under siege, just how can an IT pro demonstrate his or her value to the boss? Information technology specialists are constantly faced with this challenge. Not everything IT does is a “profit center” for their employer, so each cost has to be justified. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to explain many aspects of IT to non-technical supervisors, project managers or executives. To counter this, an effective IT pro is always strengthening his or her communication skills.

4) Orchestrating the Cloud

Nowadays, many global enterprises operate strictly using cloud computing. Adopting a cloud-based network means that all crucial business data should be available to users whenever they need it and no matter where they are or what device they’re on. This is becoming increasingly popular with the growth of dropbox, Salesforce, and other cloud-based companies. The fact that users can access data anywhere introduces a host of thorny issues. For example, how can you be sure that each user’s personal computer or phone is secure enough to be on the network? IT pros must continuously expand access to data while building new infrastructure to ensure policy compliance.

5) Staying Ahead of the Curve

No matter how big or small the business, one thing is for sure: Decision-makers expect and demand the latest technology. Upgrading software, whether it’s something as simple as a word processor or as complex as Windows, can be an enormous task. The entire effort needs to be strategized, justified and executed just right — ensuring that no one loses network access or critical files.

6) Building Skills For the Future

More than any other business professional, those in information technology are in a constant race to keep their skills updated. In many cases, this means continuously studying for new industry credentials. IT pros are faced with a selection of hundreds of certifications that cover various aspects of information technology. Allowing any certification to lapse can endanger future prospects. Plus, new and updated certifications come out on a regular basis.

7) Balancing Today’s Duties and Tomorrow’s Advancement

The most dedicated information technology pros are known for devoting hours upon hours to honing their skills. The constant pace of new breakthroughs puts them at risk of burning out if they try to do too much. While it’s a good idea for IT pros to specialize, they are often called upon to resolve problems outside their set of skills. Finding a unique niche that adds strategic value to an organization is vital to any IT pro’s long-term success.

Information technology is constantly evolving, and IT as a whole is challenging work. When technology fails, IT professionals must quickly resolve issues that cost money with each passing minute. The next time you call up the IT team, remember that the job is tougher than it looks!

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