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18 feb

Why Sales Isn’t Dead and What’s Keeping It Alive

RobertCordrayIt’s easy to argue that the days of cold calling, door-to-door-salesman and the traditional sales funnel are coming to a close because they largely are. The traditional salesperson has lost a good amount of advantage, as the consumer has gained access to greater information about products and instant access to buy virtually anything he or she can think of via the Internet. While these particular sales methods may be dying, that doesn’t mean that the sales industry is declining as well. In fact, as the industry adapts to this new customer-centric environment, sales will continue to thrive by using new tactics and tools. Here’s a look at some of them.

Demand Creation

The problem with cold calling is that the sales team ends up spending a huge percentage of their time talking to the wrong person or talking to the right person who isn’t ready to buy. This takes a toll on the salesperson as well as the customer who may be turned off by a salesperson pushing a product they aren’t ready to talk about. Instead, companies are turning to demand creation in order to build up their reputation and form relationships with their entire consumer market. By doing this, when the customer is ready to buy, they come to the sales team rather than the other way around. Accomplishing this requires a multi-faceted approach that involves search marketing, public relations efforts, content marketing and presenting at industry events.

From Funnel to Lifecycle

The traditional sales funnel worked well for closing sales and moving on to the next customer, but in today’s competitive market ending a relationship with the customer after the sell is a surefire way to alienate your customers. Instead, the sales funnel should be converted into a continuous lifecycle where the customer continues to be engaged after the sell. The salesperson should develop a plan for how they can continue to proactively provide additional value to the customer through relevant and personalized conversations. If done right, this ongoing relationship will lead to additional purchases of upgrades, add-ons or new products and services.

Tools to Stay Organized

Obviously completing sales as described above will require keeping much more detailed records about potential customers and current customers in order to keep content relevant. This is where technology such as CRM from Salesforce become important. These tools can keep all of the information in one place where it is easily accessible by the entire sales team increasing efficiency and reducing costly customer service mistakes.

While certain sales methods are certainly declining, the sales industry will continue to remain relevant as long as sales teams continue to adapt how they approach sells and develop leads. In many respects, these changes are beneficial for both sides as the customers are no longer pressured into buying products they don’t need and the sales team spends more time with consumers who are truly interested in buying.

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