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13 jan

The Digital Revolution: The Future of Advertising

RobertCordrayAs the world steadily moves away from traditional mediums and embraces the Internet, the question for many businesses is how this might affect their advertising plans. Put simply, digital ad spending is quickly outpacing older forms of advertising and this is having direct results on how consumers see both businesses and their products. With that in mind, what is the best way to take advantage of this digital revolution? To help answer that question, here are just a few of the ways that the future of advertising has changed and the best steps a business can take to utilize it.

Subscription Services

With the Internet serving as the most effective information medium since the invention of the printing press, many businesses have found that advertising can be as simple as exchanging knowledge for subscriptions. By offering incentives like insider knowledge or expert guides on how to become a successful entrepreneur, businesses have been able to gather email mailing lists of potential clients that they can use at a later date to advertise interesting deals on products or services. The success of such subscription-based services is nowhere more evident than in the streaming services of companies like Netflix. With the email addresses that they’ve gathered from these subscriptions, they’re able to directly contact their customers and create a communication with them that otherwise wouldn’t be possible with older forms of advertising.

Social Media Marketing

While it’s true that sites like Facebook may be slipping from the public’s consciousness, they still show no signs of simply disappearing anytime soon. As always, a new site is quick to pick up where the previous one left off, ensuring that companies will always have a way to stay in direct contact with their consumers over the Internet. As a result, social media marketing has quickly shifted in importance to becoming one of the most dominant ways that businesses advertise on the Internet. People are social creatures and enjoy sharing their favorite products with one another, so it should come as no surprise that this is the perfect kind of advertising for companies that are on a tighter budget. The more successful an ad campaign is on various social media apps, the more it perpetuates itself without any further direct investment from the company.

Content Marketing

Of course, subscriptions and social media marketing aren’t worth much if a company doesn’t have anything to say. To that end, content marketing is beginning to take a much larger piece of the digital advertising pie, as companies need to constantly retain the attention of their devoted customers. In particular, image-based content is quickly becoming one of the favorite modes of digital advertising, as it allows people to easily retain information without doing too much reading. The more interesting something is to scan and digest, the more likely it will be shared among friends and colleagues, which should be the ultimate goal of any Internet-based advertising model.

Streaming Services

While Netflix was previously touched upon, it’s worth going into deeper detail in regards to streaming services and how they can best be utilized by advertising companies. As odd as it may be, people are generally moving away from their televisions in favor of the entertainment offerings that can be accessed on the Internet. The beauty of these streaming services is that they can be watched from virtually anywhere, which also holds true for the advertisements that air between these programs. A short ad between videos is far more likely to be seen by potential customers than a block of commercials that are easily skipped on the television with a DVR machine.

As we move into 2014, it’s clear that the traditional forms of advertising are no longer as effective as they once were. William Drayton once said, “Change starts when someone sees the next step.” The digital revolution is upon us and it’s up to you to decide how you’ll take advantage of it.

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