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14 dec

Rehab: A Matter of Attitude

RobertCordrayIn the U.S., one in every 12 adults suffers from alcohol dependency. In addition to that, tens of millions of Americans suffer from addictions to illegal drugs, prescription medication, and even over-the-counter chemical substances. Alcohol claims approximately 2.5 million lives every year worldwide, while illegal drug-use results in about 200,000 additional deaths around the planet in the same amount of time.

There’s no way around it—chemical dependency is a very real danger. However, there are steps that addicts can take to try to get their lives back on track. One of those steps involves enrolling in a drug rehabilitation clinic.

Drug rehab clinics provide intensely structured routines, safe and soothing environments, and personal therapy, in the hopes of helping chemically dependant individuals overcome their addictions. But are these centers really the shining beacons of hope that they’re supposed to be, or are they just revolving-door resorts that offer no real results?

It’s a question worth investigating. After all, when one sees drug-addicted celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan ducking into rehab clinics on an almost monthly basis just to keep from having to serve jail time, it tends to tarnish the overall reputation of the establishments themselves.

The answer, however, is not a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ For one thing, every addict is a unique individual, with unique dependencies and triggers. What works for treating one person may have absolutely no effect on another. With that in mind, it becomes important to recognize that no treatment is 100% effective when dealing with addiction. And the fact is that many who enter rehab come out of it no better off than they were at the beginning. So, what is the deciding factor in whether or not a rehabilitation program will be successful?

Well, those who’ve managed to defeat their chemical addictions will tell you that it all comes down to one hard-to-master point: attitude.

Rehabilitation will only work for those who are serious and determined enough to do their part. Those who enter rehab unwillingly, or who go through the motions but secretly scoff at the procedures, will simply find that their addictions are waiting for them on the outside. At the same time, there are those who enter rehab with a desire to make a real change in their lives, only to get discouraged and give up on the program when things get hard. It is the will to conquer and the determination to reach a difficult goal that makes all the difference in drug rehab. For those who are willing to give it all that they’ve got, drug rehabilitation really does work.

If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, consider one of the country’s fine rehabilitation clinics. Do some online research, read about the personal experiences of others who have fought their dependencies and won. Take control of your life, make a commitment, and kick your habit before it destroys everything you care about. After all, the only thing standing between you and freedom is a choice. Choose to confront your problems head on, and choose to do so with the right attitude. The road may turn out to be difficult, but when you come to the end of it and look back on all that you’ve accomplished, and you gaze forward towards the years of freedom stretching out before you, you’ll be thankful that you chose to walk it. Because, when it comes to overcoming addiction, rehab is the best way to go—as long as you have the right attitude.

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