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14 dec

5 Misconceptions Regarding Online Holiday Shopping

RobertCordrayWith a lot of people going crazy with their holiday shopping, many of us are stuck looking for the best deals and the hottest items without having to deal with the large crowds, cold weather and congested parking lots. It’s not always easy to find a solution to our holiday shopping problems, either. Most people think that the quickest and easiest solution to their holiday shopping woes is to shop online. While that may be true in many circumstances, it is not always the answer.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using high speed wi-fi or even an SSL proxy to help you or your clients during the holiday shopping season, you still need to fully understand how online shopping works. There are certainly pros to getting your holiday shopping done online, but there are a lot things that people don’t completely understand. Here are five common misconceptions of online holiday shopping.

There Are Still Lines

Even when you do your shopping online, there’s a chance you will still have to wait in a line. Especially if you’re doing your shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday when there are a lot of other online deal hunters, you might have to wait in a line to check out or to enter the site. It’s a lot better than standing out in the cold, hoping to get into a store that may or may not have the product you want, but it’s still going to require a time commitment from you.

The Site Might Not Have Your Product

After waiting in those lines and having thousands of people checkout before you, the product you want might not even be available. Many of the most popular items aren’t sufficiently stocked in stores or on the internet, and lots of holiday shoppers are left scrambling to find a way to get the can’t-miss item of the year. Just because you’re shopping online and can’t see the crowd that is shopping with you, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a crowd there. There are plenty of people online who are looking for the same item as you. Get to the site as soon as deals and discounts are applicable, and hope for the best.

Sizing And Style

This is a problem more with clothes than anything else. While the pictures may look nice, you never know how something is going to fit on you, the color and lighting of the pictures might make it look one way, but when it arrives on your doorstep it looks completely different. This can also be a problem with electronics. It’s probably a better idea to go look at electronics before you actually purchase them. You’ll know the exact size of what you’re buying, plus you’ll have the advantage of looking at and feeling the product before you actually purchase it. While many people understand this factor of online shopping, it’s still considered a common misconception.


When you buy something over the internet, it doesn’t just magically show up the next day. It could take over a week to get to you, assuming that the whole shipping process works out perfectly. Your order could be lost and could take longer than you anticipate it to. If you want it to arrive in a timely manner, you’re going to have to pay for it. You might even have to pay for it regardless of when it arrives. The price that the website is showing you is seldom the price that you’ll actually pay.


You may see something that you love in a store, but can’t purchase it for whatever reason. You figure that they will have it online, so you go online, search for the product and it’s not there. Oftentimes there is a wider selection online, but that isn’t guaranteed. You might be looking for a product or a color that is in-store only, or that the warehouse has run out of. You may have a larger selection, but that selection doesn’t matter if they don’t have what you want.

Good luck this holiday season, and enjoy your shopping.

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