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19 nov

5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Bad Santas This Holiday Season

RobertCordrayThe Holidays are a time during which people around the world welcome the idea of having an overweight stranger crawl out of their fireplace and poke around their livingrooms. However, Santa Claus isn’t the only person who wants to get into your home this December. As families get ready to celebrate peace on earth and goodwill towards men, Grinches start coming up with their own Christmas wish lists. The holiday months are a time in which burglaries across the nation skyrocket. It’s not too hard to understand why: After all, people are making expensive purchases, leaving them in a predetermined spot, and then going on vacation to visit family and leaving the house empty behind them. But don’t worry; there are a number of precautions you can take to help keep the bad-santas of the world out of your home, and you won’t even have to booby-trap the chimney. Here’s how:

1. Keep Santa’s helpers outside

These days, it’s not uncommon during the holidays to have a steady stream of delivery trucks pulling up to the house to drop off packages. However, not all delivery people are as trustworthy—or even as legitimate—as they’d have you believe. If you invite one of them into your home, you’re giving them an opportunity to easily case your property for later invasion, or perhaps simply rob it right there. Never let a stranger into your home, no matter how friendly they look or how cold the weather may be. If you need to sign for something, do it outside, and don’t be afraid to contact the delivery company to make sure that a delivery is scheduled for your house.

2. Keep it quiet

If you’ve made any large purchases for the holidays, try to keep quiet about them. Unload expensive items in your garage instead of out front, and don’t leave packaging materials outside where any passer-by could happen upon them. The world doesn’t need to know about your upcoming vacation, so keep any mention of it off of your social media sites, and don’t talk about it in public where prying ears can eavesdrop. Some criminals actually pay people like hairdressers, bank tellers, and cab drivers to inform them when they hear that someone is planning on leaving town.

3. Keep up appearances

If you are planning on leaving home for the holidays, do what you can to make it look as though the house is still occupied. Don’t simply leave lights on inside—a lamp shining for 24 hours straight is actually a great way to inform criminals that you aren’t home. Instead, buy a timer and set it to turn on lights or the television at believable times throughout the day. Also, speak with a trusted neighbor, and have them collect your mail/newspapers for you while you’re gone. Alternately, you could contact your post office and news carrier and have them suspend service until you get back.

4. Close the curtains

It’s natural during the Christmas season to want to throw upon the blinds and let your home’s light shine out like a beacon. Well, get it under control, because if you can see outside, then prowlers can see inside. Open curtains allow criminals to get a good idea of what valuables may be inside the home and whether they should risk breaking in. So, keep those curtains closed.

5. Invest in an automated home security system

Digital home security systems might be the number-one way to protect your home from invasion during the holidays (or at any time of the year). With security cameras, motion detectors, glass-break sensors, etc., any criminal who gets to the house is going to have more to worry about than finding out where you stash your egg-nog. Of course, that’s assuming that they attempt a break-in anyway; just having a home security warning sign in your yard is usually enough to convince them to do their holiday “shopping” elsewhere.

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