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27 nov

4 Unconventional Ways to Break Bad Habits

RobertCordrayWhen does a hobby become a habit? And when does a habit become a bad habit? And when does a bad habit become an addiction? When we try to label things like this, the lines can be difficult to decipher. However, what we do know is that whenever an activity starts to negatively affect your life, take away your agency, and impact everything that you do, it is already a bad habit. And when you have a bad habit, your first task will be to try and kick it. This can be easier said than done however, and kicking a bad habit can be one of the hardest things that a person will face. Here are some unconventional ways to break bad habits.

1. Stay Away

Some things can be seemingly harmless at first, but once they develop can become a real problem. It might seem simple, but the easiest way to stop bad habits is to prevent them. You might think that a one-off casual pill or smoke won’t do anything, but it won’t be long until it is a full-on addiction and all of a sudden you find yourself paying for drug rehab. The same goes for other bad habits; such habits are not good for you even on one occasion, so abstaining from them is always the best policy. Avoid people and situations that can tempt you, or even the environment that makes a bad habit feel comfortable to indulge in.

2. Start a Blog

One effective way to kick a habit is to talk about it publicly, or at least with someone else, as it means that you can be held accountable for your progress. That is why addiction recovery programs encourage people to meet in groups. An unconventional way to do this is to start a blog, or record in your current blog, your goals and experiences. Having to own up to any lapses will be quite effective in helping you to prevent them.

3. Replace it With a Good Habit

Although we said that any habit that takes over your life is a bad habit, there are definitely exceptions to this rule. For example, drugs can be damaging and dangerous to your mental and physical health. If you replace them with a different substance, or activity, perhaps a food, exercise, or knitting/crocheting that will not have such a detrimental effect to your mind and body, it is significantly better. Another good idea is to, every time you have a craving, instead act to help someone—volunteering or donating money to charity are two options.

4. Reward Yourself

Sometimes people with bad habits operate on an axis of self-punishment. If you are doing something that you are not proud of, it can come more naturally to experience guilt when you lapse, rather than elation when you do something right. Try to flip this in your mind by rewarding yourself for good days and not being too hard on yourself on bad days.

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