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15 sep

How Our Digital World Can Maximize Your Company’s Potential

RobertCordrayWhether it’s a small business, large corporation, or simply a website showcasing your resume, knowing how to market is a skill that everyone should seek to understand. With technology continuing to play a more dominant role in all our lives, knowing how to maximize your marketing potential on a digital level could be the number one factor in determining the success or failure of the product or service you are selling.

Social Media.

The popularity of Facebook and Twitter continues to rise with more followers being added every single year. To keep a particular audience engaged on these platforms you need to stay updated on both pages, posting and Tweeting at least 3-5 times a week. It also helps to keep your profile pages active on a weekly basis. If your fans or followers don’t feel like you are putting forth the effort on your pages, they can lose interest very quickly. Lastly, practice good brand management and make sure branding is consistent throughout all your social media, websites and other marketing platforms as well as on any goods you provide.

A Website That Delivers.

Along with social media, having an attractive, clean webpage can make whatever you are trying to market look that much better. You don’t necessarily need a degree in computer programming to make a great-looking website, as there are free to low cost templates online that will get your own webpage off the ground in no time and make your product or service available for the world to see. But, it’s usually fairly easy to pick out a professionally design website from a do-it-yourself. Also, keep in mind that getting your site to rank high on search engines like Google and Bing is the real key to web success. Finally, ensuring your big data security is important to protect all of your company’s information and prevent privacy breaches.


One of the oldest channels of social media, blogging continues to be a very effective way to maximize your product. Studies show that the more consistent and more active a company is with their blog postings, public and customer interest will increase. It can also be used as a valuable tool to drive your audience to other avenues of your corporation like your Facebook or company webpage.

High-Quality Videos.

With the way technology is becoming more simple and accessible to more people each day, a great tool that can be overlooked is having quality videos for whatever you are marketing. You don’t need to have a degree in filmmaking to do this. In fact, shooting a two-minute personalized clip on your iPhone, using simple editing software and getting it posted online can be more valuable to your company than spending thousands of dollars having a third-party film company do the same thing.

Stay Active.

It is one thing to have your hand in all of the media outlets online. It is another to manage these outlets and stay active on a consistent basis. It may take a few extra minutes each day to stay updated on your Twitter account, write a press release for your blog or upload a video to your YouTube account. But, doing that could make all the difference in your branding and public awareness.

Stay Connected.

There is the age-old phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” That can certainly be true in the field of marketing. Utilizing digital technology can be a huge factor in helping you stay connected with your target audience. Sites such as LinkedIn, Jobster and of course, Facebook can help you connect with anyone in the world who is sharing their digital profile.

The marketing world is changing with more and more people becoming technologically literate and connected every single day. Whether you are just starting out with a small company or have been in the marketing business for years, the more you know about digital marketing will make a huge difference in the number of both new and loyal customers.

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