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13 jun

Cigarettes – Out of Your Body, Out of Your Mind

JennaSmithQuitting smoking is not an easy thing to do for many people. No matter how much they know they need to quit or even how much they want to quit, the fact is, the addiction factors involved in quitting are hard to combat. Because smoking is both a physical and mental addiction, both of these aspects need to be addressed in order to break the addiction once and for all.

Old Habits Are Hard to Break

People become emotionally addicted to smoking. This includes the social aspect of it as well as just the fact — for smokers, it’s the first thing they reach for when they are upset or stressed out. Although contrary to the medical fact that engaging in smoking increases heart rate and other things associated with anxiety, there is no denying the psychological aspect of the “calm” the smoker receives upon inhalation. In a sad — and roundabout — way, cigarettes become a smokers “best friend”; one who is there when they need them, any time, any day.

How Do You Say Goodbye?

Replacing some of the habitual physical elements of smoking can help for a lot of people. Having something to hold or chew (or both) is an old stand-by means of facilitating the effort. These days you can try alternative means while working quitting with products like e-cigarettes from an electronic cigarette store. These devices have been incredibly helpful to many, especially on a psychological level. Having something to hold — and actually draw on can help ease the transition. The e-cigs with nicotine delivery capabilities also help ease a smoker down gradually.

How Do You Stop the Physical Cravings?

Chances are, you can’t. That doesn’t mean you cannot speed through them a little faster. Your body will go through withdrawals when you suddenly deprive it of the nicotine (and other deadly or harmful substances found in cigarettes) that it thought was essential to living. Most people that successfully quit will tell you these withdrawal symptoms can be terrible, but usually only last a couple of weeks or so. Unfortunately for a large number of people, that’s too long.

Getting the Gunk Out Quick

The body’s natural daily process is to eliminate waste and toxins. With the advances of medicine and understanding, we now have safe and effective ways to detoxify our bodies any time we want. You should always consult your physician before starting any kind detox program — in fact they will be able to help you choose the one that is safe and right for you, but a rapid detox may help increase a person’s chances for success.

Detoxification programs can help speed-up the removal of all of the chemicals that your body has has been storing and that you have become addicted to from smoking. If you can get these toxins out of your body safely, but faster, it makes sense that your physical withdrawal could potentially be over quicker.

Taking Care of You

Whatever methods you choose to quit, it is important that you take care of the whole you. Add a few healthy foods and beverages and omit a few unhealthy ones to your daily intake. Find supplements that specifically support purifying and strengthening the body. Surround yourself with people who will support you (unconditionally). Avoid stressful situations and the atmospheres that are prone to encourage smoking. And remember, you can quit smoking and start breathing easier. The first step, is up to you.

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