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What Good Branding Can Do for a Company

RobertCordrayA brand is defined as a name, logo or other physical symbol that separates one company’s product from those of others. This is what makes branding such an important part of any successful business today. Your brand is what sets you apart from the competition. It is what sets the tone for the company’s image and the personality that you want to convey. It can do more for a business than almost any other single thing.

Good Branding Creates Unity

No business can succeed if it is not unified. There are a number of ways to create unity within a company, but it gets harder as a company gets bigger. Even with the largest companies however, if the company has a good brand and a clear mission, that alone can be enough to unify the employees. As a business owner, one of the best things that you can do is to create the sort of brand that your employees will be proud to wear on their name tags and on their shirts.

Creating A Sense of Professionalism

A professional demeanor is important for any business. It is hard to be taken seriously in a burgeoning marketplace, and customers and clients will lean more towards businesses who portray the image of the highest professionalism and best quality available. This is hard to do if you are working out of a nondescript building and handing out business cards branded with clipart. Even just a sign with your very own logo can be enough to give your company headquarters a professional touch.


The most obvious effect of a good brand is that it greatly improves marketing efforts. Once you have a solid brand, you can place it on office walls, stationery, clothing, name tags, custom banners, car decals, and anything else. The better your brand, the more sought after it will become. Sometimes a brand can become so popular, people will pay to advertise it – by buying and wearing clothes that display your brand, or bumper stickers for their car.


And this sort of phenomenon is a part of what is known as brand loyalty. Brand loyalty can be a powerful force in today’s marketplace. When people are forced to choose between many products offering a similar service, they often go for the “known” brand, or the brand that they trust. Think of the example of British soccer team Chelsea FC. Chelsea’s kit manufacturer Adidas recently started preorders for next year’s jerseys. Adidas launched an entire campaign based around Chelsea fans’ loyalty to the Chelsea brand. They have not even released the design yet. Although sports teams are different, this kind of loyalty can follow other franchises just as easily.

From Small Startup To Main Player

The power of a good brand is so strong that it can be the difference between a startup staying small, and becoming a big business. A company is irrevocably linked with its brand, for better or for worse. So if you want a good company, create a good brand.

About the Author: Robert Cordray is a freelance writer and expert in business, marketing and branding. With over 20 years of business experience, Robert is now retired and hopes others can benefit from his writing.

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