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5 Tips to Help in the Battle for Sobriety

RobertCordrayThe decision to go to an alcohol rehabilitation center is the most important thing an alcoholic can do to set the foundation for a more successful future. Everyone has heard of the guy (or girl) that is constantly going in and out of long term drug rehab. Alcoholism is a disease, but it can be cured if the person with the problem takes the right attitude and approach into their rehabilitation. Here are five tips that can help successfully beat the addiction:

Approach recovery day-by-day, step-by-step. Every recovering alcoholic needs to have the desire to stay sober forever, but if this is their only concrete goal they will probably be overwhelmed. The better approach is to start small, with incremental and measurable goals. For example, on day one of rehab make the goal that you won’t drink the entire day or the entire week, depending on your current drinking habits. Stay positive, even when you relapse and immediately focus on hitting another rehabilitation benchmark.
Enlist the help of a support network. During rehab the support network can be developed among others that are also in rehab, as well as the counselors, therapists and other support personnel at the rehab center. After leaving the rehab center this support network becomes even more important. Enlist the help of friends and family and those in the twelve-step meeting. If all else fails a drug and alcohol abuse hotline can also offer support.

Bring an item of inspiration or comfort with you. Overcoming an addiction is difficult. It is amazing the emotional support that an item full of sentimental value or something that is particularly can be. This could be a picture of family or possibly a picture of a beautiful place in the world that the person can visit once the addiction is overcome. A favorite book or movie or even article of clothing can also work well.
Do not expect to be perfect, a recovering addict won’t always have the same desire or attitude. It does not matter how much they want to become sober, occasionally everybody falters emotionally.

When this happens the idea of indulging may sometimes seem like the only desirable thing in the world. Do not worry. These thoughts are normal and these cravings can be overcome. This is why a strong support network and personal items of comfort are so essential. Remember the presence of a craving does not mean it has to be acted upon.
Network. Network. Network. Before leaving the alcohol rehab center they should make sure to get local referrals so that treatment can continue. Depending on which therapies work best, like acupuncture or acupressure, they should get the telephone number or addresses of places that offer those services so that when a craving hits they will know exactly where to go for stress relief. They should also get a referral for a local therapist, twelve-step group and any other group that will be needed to build a strong support network. Another option is to live in a sober living home, which is a place that recently released recovering alcoholics can go for mutual support.

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