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Securing Your Nest Egg

JennaSmithYou worked hard to find and buy your new home. Now you need to figure out the best way to protect it.

If you haven’t had a lot of experience with security systems before, paying a visit to might be a bit shocking. There are so many options available now! It’s easy to get overwhelmed and simply install everything “just in case” but before you invest in a security system, factor in the following criteria:

1. Your Neighborhood

You probably did some research into your neighborhood before you bought your house. You probably checked out crime statistics (and the sex offender registry), right? Do you remember what percentage of crime in your neighborhood came from home invasions, robberies and burglaries? These are the statistics you should know because they will tell you how extensive a security system you should get. If the rates were low, you might not need an extensive system.

Note: Neighborhoods with neighborhood watch programs have lower crime rates than those without. If your neighborhood doesn’t have one, maybe you should start one!

2. Your Actual Neighbors

Are your neighbors the “keep to themselves” types? Or, are your neighbors the “find something to do in the yard whenever anybody new comes around” types? If they are the former, you might want a more extensive system than you would if you have exceptionally nosey neighbors. While having nosey neighbors can be annoying on a personal level, having that level of scrutiny being paid to your area pretty much ensures that nobody can go undetected, which can keep the rates of crime low.

3. The Location of Your Home

Is your home located in a remote area or is it closer to town? Are you right in the middle of the action? These will help you determine which features you need for a security system. For example, if you live in a highly rural area, a really loud alarm probably won’t do you much good (though it could be startling enough to scare off an intruder). If you live in a highly trafficked area or urban area a loud alarm might be all you need because burglars rarely want to attract attention and the loud, attention attracting noise, will pretty much guarantee that someone comes running.

4. How Much Time You Spend at Home/Away

If you are away from your home a lot, you might want a smart system. This is a system that uses sensors and video to monitor your home. When a sensor is tripped you get an alert on your phone. You can use the alert to “tap in” to your video surveillance to see what’s happening and call the authorities if there is an unwanted intruder in your home—even if you are miles away.

NOTE: This is also a helpful feature for if you are inside your home when someone breaks in. You can use this feature to help you hide from a burglar (or at least avoid his path) while you wait for authorities to arrive.

Remember: the features all look really cool and tempting, but if you are hoping to save money, you should figure out which options you need the most right now. You can always add more later if you think you need them.

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