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The Effects of Drug Abuse on Your Life

RobertCordrayMany people know that drug abuse is harmful. But what most people do not know is the true extent of the damage that drugs will cause a person; how drug abuse can affect every aspect of a person’s life, until it has deteriorated beyond any recognition of the life that they formerly knew. Drugs will harm you physically, mentally, emotionally, and they will drastically damage your personal and professional life as you lose money, respect, and all self control. Medicinal drugs can work miracles, but used incorrectly they can have the opposite effect. A drug addiction can take everything that you care about and destroy it. And that is just the beginning.

Loss of Self Control

Few people ever set out to become addicted to drugs. Using usually starts casually, as a response to pain – either physical or emotional – and develops as the need for release is only satisfied by an increasing amount of substance abuse. Soon, the addiction takes over your life, and you cannot stop, even if you wanted to. There are few things that are more degrading than a total loss of self control. And if you don’t believe that, just wait until you experience it for yourself.

Damage to Physical Health

It does not take long for drug abuse to have an impact on your physical health. Many illegal drugs have effects that are immediate – such as vomiting, sweating, withdrawal symptoms, and even death. But every drug has negative long term effects on your health. Extreme weight loss or gain is one; they can affect how you breath, how you look, and even your skin. Even if you started taking a drug as a painkiller, any long term will use will have serious negative implications for your physical health, sooner rather than later.

Altered Mental Well-Being

Personalities can be completely altered by drug use. Violent mood swings, anger, depression, and suicidal thoughts, are just some of the side effects. The highs are too high and the lows are too low. Sure, you may love to use just for the buzz that you feel, but soon enough the buzz will get less and less, and it will turn into a need. Eventually you will take drugs just to feel like your normal self again. But you won’t be your normal self; not until you are fully clean.

Relationships Ruined

You may think that a drug addiction is an entirely personal struggle. And in some ways you would be right. But it is not possible to be living a life of an addict without having a huge knock-on effect for your family and those around you. You will find that you start to shun the company of those close to you, your relationships will be altered, and you will probably only want to be around other people with the same problem as yourself. And when you start to suffer from the effects of your addiction, there is no one that you will want near you more than your family.

About the Author: Hyrum Taffer is a freelance writer for and expert in drug addiction/recovery. Through much personal experience and a lot of research, Hyrum hopes others can benefit from his writing.

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