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28 dec

5 Ways to Manage Stress in the Workplace

RobertCordrayMost of us are no strangers to stress. In fact, it seems like today more than ever, stress is too prominent in our lives. And nothing makes us more stressed than work. If you are working in a stressful environment however, it is much harder to a) enjoy your job and b) produce your very best results. So if you struggle to manage stress at work, it is best that you try to eradicate it, and here are five ways in which you can.

Make your Workplace as Comfortable as Possible

You may not be able to control which office or cubicle you work in, but there are always some things that you can control. Make sure that you have a comfortable chair, that your work space is well lit and ventilated. If you are spending all day confined to a small, badly lit area, you are likely to feel the pressure a lot more. Decorate your desk with things that make you happy such as photographs. Do what you can to make your office feel like home.

Take Real Breaks

A lunch break is not a break if it means that you grab a sandwich and eat it at your desk. So often we are so focused on what we are doing that we are afraid to step away for any period of time. Go out for lunch, or at least find a nice peaceful place to eat it. If you work mostly alone, find some coworkers or friends with whom you can eat lunch.

Keep Organized

Stress is heightened by never ending to-do lists and piles of tasks to take care of; so the best way to ease it is by taking care of them! Start by prioritizing and take care of those things that are the most urgent first. Find a way to organize your tasks in a way that will help you to keep on top of them. This way you can tackle one thing at a time and it will not feel as overwhelming.

Get to Know your Coworkers

Stress is bad enough, but if you feel as though you are tackling each work day alone it will be a whole lot worse. Try to get to know your coworkers. Create a friendly and casual yet professional work environment and you will feel that the lightheartedness also eases the tension in your own mind.

Do Something that you Love

It may seem obvious, but you are less likely to worry and feel stressed about things if you are doing something that you love. Work is always going to be work, but it is a lot nicer if your job is something that allows you to believe in what you do. If you stay in a stressful job and you do not even like it, it will be that much harder to convince yourself that all of the stress is worth it. So make sure that you are doing a job that you love!

About the Author:
Robert Cordray is currently residing in the Los Angeles area with his wife and three kids. After 20 years of experience in the business realm with entrepreneurship and consulting, he decided to dedicate his services to the coaching business.

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