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17 nov

Back to School: Making the Decision

JennaSmithThere are many reasons for heading back to school to further one’s education, with plenty of opportunities to match. After graduation and working in a certain field for and extended period of time, some come to find that there is a lot of room for professional advancement, pending the completion of an advanced degree program. While working hard at one’s current position may be stable and sufficient enough for the everyday expenses, a good amount of people recognize that they are capable of more, even management roles and beyond. Choosing to invest the time and money into pushing on to the next level can be challenging in itself, but the rewards and benefits far outweigh the negatives.

In order to take pressure off deciding whether or not to expand upon prior education, choosing a degree in something practical will be a wise choice. This provides people with a peace of mind that their newly acquired skills will not be in vain or a later regret. Of course, an individual must first figure out what type of higher level positions are available and if any of the degree programs match up well.

Leadership and management based courses are great for those looking to get into the managerial level positions and even venture into entrepreneurship. For example, a typical project management masters degree would be a great choice for these types of people. Learning to manage employees as individuals and as a team are things directly related to careers in marketing, advertising, business administration, human resources, public relations, finance, and other similar fields.

The workload that comes with being a project manager includes overseeing multiple facets of project and defining what type of strategy will be implemented for success. Rather than a direct, hands on role, the project manager is responsible for the coordination of the teams, assigning tasks, general troubleshooting, defining goals, and assisting wherever necessary.

In terms of the value of an advanced degree, it has the potential to more than pay for itself when implemented correctly into one’s career path. For a project manager, a higher wage or salary is only one of the benefits that come with the territory. Leading different teams successfully through projects allows the project manager build amazing communication skills, expand his/her knowledge of different team dynamics, and become better prepared for unplanned situations. It is in these cases, after experience with the new field, that these project management degree holders can start thinking about taking their careers to the next level.

After learning about, and taking on, the different roles of team members, these higher skilled workers may decide to take those skills and talents with them and go into business for themselves. Freelancing has its benefits and allows more freedom on which projects they want to get involved with. When it comes time to start his/her own company or project, they will have a better understanding which team positions will be needed to grow. Although it is difficult to see the road ahead when starting on a new educational path, the value of that higher education is priceless.

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