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12 oct

Staff Certifications that Get Results

JennaSmithAttracting and retaining top talent is a challenge for any organization. Companies spend huge chunks of their budget on retention programs that keep the best employees satisfied and loyal to the company. The first step in enjoying a stable staff is to place employees in positions where they will be most effective. In a standard interview, candidates often say what they think the interviewer wants to hear. By administering aptitude tests, you can be sure that your staff are matched with the positions that best fit their skills.

For current employees, periodic certifications give them the knowledge they need to excel in their jobs. When they feel confident in their abilities, they will be more likely to stay with the company and put forth their best effort. Maximize the return on your human capital by offering certifications that will help your staff stay motivated to add to the company’s bottom line.

Aptitude tests are great tools to use in your recruitment efforts. Use these tests to assess your candidate’s knowledge of software applications, office procedures and soft skills. By using these tests you can be assured that you are effectively matching your candidates with the jobs that best match their skills. Mismatched skills and positions are some of the major reasons for employee turnover. Prevent this turnover by placing your staff where they are most useful.

In-house certifications are an excellent tool for enjoying a more educated staff. Certifications like these promote teamwork and cooperation while teaching your staff principles of reducing waste and cutting costs. Your staff will enjoy earning their black, white and green belts, and you will enjoy a more motivated staff. These certifications will also make your staff look more credible to your outside clients and vendors, earning even more money and profits for your business. Cut back on turnover expenses by investing in your current employees and giving them more reasons to stay with the company.

While many employers offer these courses in-house, others save money by outsourcing company training to other companies. Organizations such as The College Network pair learners with courses, degree programs and certifications that will help them succeed in the workforce. Partner with a company that will deliver coursework to your staff that complements your training program. Certifications such as Lean Six Sigma can be completed in a few short sessions, making it easy for your staff to start using their new skills right away.

Overcome job dissatisfaction by using HR testing tools that work. By creating and delivering customized aptitude tests, certifications and continuing education courses, you will be able to give your staff the tools they need to excel at their jobs. Studies have shown that employees perform best when they are given intangible rewards such as a different title, award or accolade on the job. By creating a work environment where your staff are rewarded for their efforts and given opportunities for advancement, you will enjoy better overall satisfaction and lower turnover rates. Start your training program today.

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