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09 oct

Pushing Through the Obstacles: Three Tips in a Tough Job Market

RobertCordrayThe economy is rough. Job prospects might seem few and far between. Being unemployed or feeling forced to take a job that you are ill suited for can be devastating so it can be easy in those times of transition to feel like things couldn’t get any worse. That is exactly the mentality you will need to change.

It is important not to minimize the difficulty of unemployment (or other unfavorable work circumstances). You need income to cover expenses and in this day and age everyone has expenses. The situation can be especially difficult if you have people dependent on you financially. It is a serious situation. That being said, however, it is also crucial that you maintain a healthy perspective that considers possibilities rationally and with a healthy optimism. It may not feel like it right now but you do have options and there are opportunities. Here are a few things to keep in mind that will help you make it through this rough time

Count Your Blessings

Don’t overlook this advice just because it has become something of a cliché. There is actually a lot of science to back it up. Several studies show that putting a focus on the good things in your life can dramatically improve your ability to cope with difficulty. So if you’re in a position in which it seems like you’ve hit rock bottom, take some time to realize that you do have blessings in your life and be grateful for them.

Lean on Your Support

The support of family and friends is an essential factor in helping you get through your challenging time. If those close to you are being overly critical you should let them know that you are working to overcome the situation and their support will help more than their criticism. And when they are being supportive, don’t take it for granted. In addition to your immediate support group you may also consider seeking the help of professionals with experience in finding jobs or adapting to new ones. Life coaches and career coaches can be extremely helpful if you find the right fit for you. If you haven’t considered this option it is probably worth the time to at least see what coaching options are out there for you.


In speaking of obstacles, the poet Robert Frost once observed, “The best way out is always through.” If your situation is truly difficult then chances are good that it will not change all at once. You need to move forward, doing the best that you can every day. And the truth is that on most days it will seem like you are not making any progress. You will find, however, that day after day with seemingly no progression is somehow exactly what it takes to put you in position to take advantage of the days when change does come. It has been observed that you are either getting better or you are getting worse, there is not a third direction. Even if the effects of your everyday determination cannot always be seen, you can trust in the fact that persistence is a necessary ingredient in any sort of success.

About the Author
Robert Cordray is a former entrepreneur and business consultant with over 20 years of experience. He is a freelance writer for multiple organizations. He is currently exploring the coaching realm, and trying to help people through his experiences. If he’s not sipping an ice cold margarita on the beach, he’s most likely living life with his wife and three kids.You can also find him on twitter.

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