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26 oct

Protecting Your Privacy Online

JennaSmithIn the early days of the Internet, scientists used it and scholars to exchange information back, and forth to one another. As its use expanded, however, privacy started becoming an issue. Now, more people use the Internet to do all their business, from buying and selling, transferring money and sending sensitive documents.

What You Should Be Concerned About

Online information can open you to identity theft attacks from hackers, but there is more that you have to be concerned about. Everything that you post online, every site that you go to, even briefly, even your chat conversations can become part of your reputation. Like it or not, your online footprint can help determine who you are in the eyes of strangers. If you plan to apply for school and school loans, a new job or run for public office, you might need some information about reputation management

Finding Out What is Out There Already

The more important that the position that you are applying or running for is, the more likely your competition will think nothing of sinking to the lowest common denominator slander to climb over you. In the past, private investigators were hired to dig for dirt in your past but now, that is just a matter of pulling your online records. Every time you post a photo on Facebook or send out a tweet on Twitter, it is right there for the whole world to see. You can’t claim to be a moral, upstanding person, if the average person, can pull up a dozen obscene photos of you in various states , typically holding a cup, mug, or bottle in one hand, and making a rude gesture with the other.

.Preventing Future Mistakes From Being Made

Next up, the management team will handle anything you might possibly post or tweet. When celebrities prove that they are unable to tweet on their own, they turn over the account to their management team to prevent any further damage. That is also commonly done by less famous people as well. Which prevents them from making more online errors, that could cost them the job they want, enter into the school they want, or the ability to be elected into public office. It is a service that could be valuable beyond its price. The job of an online management team would be, find, identify, and then deal with anything that is already in existence online.

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