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02 oct

How to Make the First 30 Days with that Special Someone the Best Ever

JennaSmithThe first 30 days in a romantic relationship are important in setting the tone for the duration of the connection as well as establishing whether the relationship is actually going to even exist. Some people never get past those significant first 30 days because they try to rush things, and that can be the surest way to make certain that a relationship doesn’t develop. Nobody likes to feel as if they are being pressured into an involvement before they are ready, and on some level, everyone knows this.

However, some people just can’t seem to stop themselves from trying to create a relationship quickly even when they know they are likely to drive the other person away. Learning how to relax and let things happen naturally is a key element of developing a successful long-term romantic partnership.

The first 30 days are a time when the couple is getting to know one another by exploring various activities. Dining out is one of the most popular dating activities for fledgling couples, but too many romantic dinners in a row can begin to feel like pressure. It’s better to find fun things to do and vary activities by surprising a date with a picnic in a meadow, Bon Iver tickets or a nature excursion such as rafting in your local area rather than just making reservations at another restaurant for another candlelit dinner.

Participating in activities during dates will help those who tend to try to rush things to slow down and enjoy the process of getting to know another person. By being engaged in something such as listening to music, sailing or attending an art show, the couple will not be concentrating solely on one another.

Everyone has seen those couples in restaurants who clearly do not know each other well that appear to be uncomfortable. That is because they are each struggling to figure out topics of conversation. If they had attended a concert, gone on a bicycle riding event or other activity before the dinner, the couple would have plenty to discuss.

When two people first begin dating, it’s a good idea for them to cultivate a sense of anticipation by not seeing too much of one another. Although it might be tempting to see each other as often as possible, particularly if a strong physical attraction exists, doing so will probably ensure that the connection will quickly fizzle. One party usually feels pressured in these situations. Keeping the first few dates activity-based will ensure that the neither person feels that they’ve got to struggle to hold up their end of the conversation or flounder through dates feeling awkward and uncertain.

Couples that make it past the 30-day mark at the start of their relationships often begin to settle into a routine at that time. They’re more comfortable in each other’s presence and have gaiined a good sense of who the other person is. It’s still important during this time to not overwhelm the other person with demands on their time.

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