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15 oct

Harvest Time

ZulmaCarbajal Autumn is the time of clearing the old that no longer works in order to plant new seeds for the life that you desire. If you have been wanting to improve your life this is the season in which many things from the past are going to be brought to the surface for you to look at in order for you to see what is keeping you stuck in your old life that no longer serves you.

When a negative situation comes up, try not to get upset. Know that what is happenning in your life is resurfacing in order to give you the option to choose healing and growth to prepare the way for what you now want in your life. It is possible that you may not even know what you want on a conscious level because you are so caught up in the drama of life. However, your soul knows and will share that knowledge with you if you are willing to listen.

Often we don’t want to listen. We are so focused on blaming others for our circumstances instead reminding ourselves that there are no accidents and everything happens for a reason. Our ego wants us to hold on to old pain and beliefs because once you start listening to your soul you will gain mastery over your ego.

This is also a time when the energy of transformation is the most powerful. If you begin to plant the seeds now, by Spring they will grow and bloom. This means that you would need to take aware action right away.

You do not nessarily have to take physical action. What you may need to do in order to create the most positive outcome could be changing old beliefs or thoughts. Or it could mean getting rid of negative reactions.

Sometimes what is required of you is to let go of a dysfunctional relationship or heal the one you are in. Perhaps you need to seek out like minded friends to support you with your new endeavors. It may be time for you to get out of your comfort zone and instead of listening to what others want you begin to listen to your heart.

It is possible that events have presented an opportunity for you to heal and let go of childhood wounds even if they are deep. Or you will need to unlearn the false information that your primary caretakers, society, peers and family have programmed into to you.

You might have to stop the busy work and workaholism so that you can focus on what really matters (to you) and for once begin taking at least small steps towards your dreams. Probably you will have to learn to take better care of yourself in order to have the energy to accomplish your goals.

We are all unique individuals with different experiences so what I will need to do is different than what you may need. However, if you listen to your soul, it will tell your precisely what is required to let go of or to do in order to leave space for the circumstances and people that you want to fill your life with.

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