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05 oct

Easy Lunch Ideas for Those On-the-Go

JennaSmithMany people would like to eat healthy meals everyday but find that they end up eating incorrectly for a variety of reasons. From lack of time to lack of motivation or even lack of ideas, preparing and eating healthy meals becomes a difficult challenge. One way to overcome this challenge is by compiling a list of easy lunch ideas and recipes that can returned to over and over again. Choosing new, healthy eating habits is a major change in lifestyle and a list like this can truly support this change.

Salads are easy to make and incredibly healthy. They also allow for great variety, depending on the ingredients used to put the salad together, and because so many food items can be added to salads, they are very versatile, ensuring lunch will not get boring even if salads are eaten every day. Ingredients to use in salads are not limited to vegetables. They include pasta, all types of fruits, beans, popcorn and lean protein such as chicken breast, turkey and grilled salmon. A light vinaigrette of olive oil, salt and vinegar is a nice complement to any salad and will not be heavy and fattening like the cream dressings.

Sandwiches can be healthy too. Forget peanut butter and jelly or the regular mayonnaise, ham and cheese sandwich. The healthier alternatives are much tastier and much richer in vitamins. Use French bread, wraps or Panini bread. A buffalo chicken wrap with tomato and lettuce is a great, healthy, easy-to-make sandwich. Grill some eggplant, red bell pepper, onion and tomatoes and add some Swiss cheese to Panini bread. Another sandwich alternative is grilled salmon and avocado on a whole-wheat roll.

Chili, soups and rice and beans can be prepared during the weekend and saved to use as lunch during the week. These meals are easy to make and store well. Additionally, they are packed with good stuff. All these meals freeze well, so they can be frozen in individual portions that can be grabbed from the fridge to take to work and reheat. Some of these can also be used at the base for additional meals just by adding a few more ingredients, such as shredded cheese, celery sticks, carrots or pepper strips.

Eating healthy is easy to do by planning ahead and by learning some time-saving tricks. Once the habit of eating healthy takes hold, the go-to list will continue to grow, and planning and preparing these meals will become second nature.

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