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Law Firms and Businesses Donating to Charity Attract More Local Business

JennaSmithAs a law firm, you are always trying to attract business clients. According to the experts at LexisNexis law firm marketing, many businesses think you have all the bases covered. They’ve got websites, legal blogs, newsletters, advertisements in the newspaper and trade magazines, but there is still an area they may have forgotten; one that has helped attorneys gain a number of reliable clients in the past, but seems to be falling by the wayside in the current legal industry.

That is the act of becoming involved in your local community and giving back to charities and non-profits.

Giving, donating time and money to organizations that need the help in your community can substantially help both your community and your legal firm’s marketing efforts. Hold on! This is not to say you should volunteer to give back to your community, with lucrative intentions in mind, but instead you should think of offering the community help, and in turn your firm will be recognized, and become better known in your community. You establish yourself as an expert in your field, other community leaders begin to look up to you, ask for your advise and help; and this, in turn, can bring you more business legal clients.

Find Your Cause

Your first step is finding a non-profit or charity you want to help and then putting some free work into to help make it better. You can volunteer your legal help, serve on the board of directors, and even get your employees involved in offering hands-on help that will help grow your social network and position your firm in a very positive role within the community.

What Do You Do If You Have a Time Constraint

If your working most of the time and don’t have much time to donate, you may want to offer monthly monetary contributions or offer a monthly percentage of your fees. You could even offer a certain donation percentage to any charity that interests you, which in turn allows you to speak or offer a workshop to community business leaders who are also members of that charity. This allows you to grow your client base by helping you associate with local leaders, but also helps the charity with the funding it needs.

Get the Office Involved

You can also get employees involved. Everyone likes to help if given the chance, and if it doesn’t take up too much of their time. You can start a blanket and sweater drive. Ask the office personnel to help gather blankets and sweaters to give to homeless shelters in the name of your law firm. Offer to make emergency care packages, or buy school supplies for local charities that help low-income families.

Offer the Information to Other Potential Clients

Potential clients like to know what kind of a law firm they are dealing with. By letting them know that you are a community leader, organizer, and that you help other organizations get ahead, you could hold a higher potential position among companies who are looking for a law firm to represent their needs. You can let them know of this service you offer by giving a link on your website titled “Our Community Services” or something to that nature. Then on the page list photos and articles that show your participation with local charities, and the results you have helped them obtain.

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