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11 sep

Improving the Health of Your Skin and Hair

JennaSmithGetting a new style is seemingly harder for men than it is for women. There are tons of attractive styles for men to experiment with, and they can create a new you. Shaving in a certain style can alter your appearance to be sophisticated, bad boy or even romantic. You can go from grungy to sleek. Changing your style can be an entirely new lifestyle experience to reinvent who you are.

Getting A New Look

Browse through celebrity photos to find a look that suits your intended goal. If you currently don’t care about your appearance, then there’s a lot of possibilities. If you want to go from nice guy to bad boy, then try a style like Johnny Depp’s. A top-notch shave cream and a razor will make all of the difference in getting those perfect lines.

Reinventing Yourself

Everyone goes through periods in life where they just want to change things. Whether you are getting a professional job, retiring or just starting grad school, you should revamp your look. Certain occasions call for a new hair style.

Changing Your Wardrobe

Your clothes should match your new hair style and facial-hair style. If you dramatically change your look, you need to go all the way. Don’t keep dressing preppy if you have a grungy look.


Experimenting with your skin and hair is a great way to find out what really works for you. Facial hair grows quickly. You can try a new look out every two weeks to get a feel for what you want to do long term.


After you shave you should use soothing balms to ease redness and irritation. Shaving properly will minimize irritation, and using a high-quality shaving system will get rid of most discomfort. You should still treat your skin well and apply after-shave creams for the best results.


A shaving kit will help you maintain your look. Maintenance is often the hardest part. Quality tools will make all of the difference in how you shave and feel about shaving on a regular basis. Once you try something beyond drugstore tools, then you will never look back.

Changing your skin and hair to create a new you is a fun way to feel good about yourself and change your outlook on life. Confidence goes a long way in making your life happier and more fulfilling. Try something different for once, and you won’t regret it.

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