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18 sep

Help Create a Smooth Shift

ZulmaCarbajalThere are many huge shifts going on around the world right now. Especially recently. What is happening is that what no longer works is breaking down. While there are many people who will be stuck in fear and experience the worse end of it, there are many others who will not notice the shift because they are aligned with the energies of trust and love.

Admittedly, it is not easy to be aligned with trust and love when you are going through extreme challenges, but that is what is going to take to go through this transition smoothly. What will also help is that you share my blog and other sites like that tell the truth and not focus on the illusions of scarcity, doom, and gloom.

As I have mentioned in other articles in my personal blog, by keeping yourself aligned with love and trust you get others to do the same. Even just with your presence. But also since you will be vibrating at such high energy you will be able to help others in many other ways; financially, emotionally, physically, etc. You don’t help anyone by focusing on your troubles or theirs. I put together the following guidelines to help you stay out of low energy frequencies and create a smooth shift towards evolution.

Keep Yourself At Peace:

1. To break negative patterns and to be able to handle challenges in a more peaceful centered way try meditation. You don’t have to do it for a long period of time or at a certain time. If you can do it throughout the day in between your activities you will see a difference in your energy and you will handle your situations better. Just close your eyes and listen to your breath for at least two minutes.

2.Go for a walk once a day preferably in a park or somewhere away from street cars and loud noise. Ofcourse you can do it at home too if you have a treadmill and it will be more convenient for you. Listen to inspiring music or music that helps you relax while you walk. When you walk feel good chemicals are released into your body from the brain which help you handle life in a more positive and peaceful state.

3.Don’t let yourself get involved in negative conversations or news. Especially if you already suffer from anxiety and have extreme fears. This might mean you will have to stop spending time with energy drainers or at least reduce the time spent with them. It will also be necessary to stop watching shows on TV that make you experience low emotions.

Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

1. Don’t let your thoughts run wild. In order to create a better experience you have to take better control of your thoughts. Ofcourse it is impossible to know what you are thinking every moment of the day, but you can tell if you are thinking negative thoughts or positive thoughts based on your emotions.

2. So that your mind is “occupied” with thoughts that will serve you and therefore not allow thoughts that are keeping you stuck, practice affirmation saturation. Some people say affirmations do not work. But in my experience they have worked at the very least to keep me away from thinking about the doom and gloom and instead on what I want to create. Also, I learned from the Law of Attraction experts that affirmations help change your subconscious so that instead of bringing you what you don’t want you begin attracting what you do want. If you have read some of my other articles in my personal blog, you know that your subconscious was programmed as a child. If your caretakers were stuck in a scarcity mentality, feared God or had negative beliefs about the opposite sex, even if you consciously know they are ignorant beliefs, your subconscious will continue to bring you evidence of what was programmed when you were a child until you change the programming.

3. Practice gratitude. Practicing gratitude keeps you focused on what you do have and on what is working in your life instead of what is missing and not working. I have to tell you that if you have shelter, running water, clean water to drink and food, you are doing much better than most people around the world. Even here in America there are families with young children who are getting their utilities shut off for not having enough money to pay their bills. Yet the people that most complain are those who are living comfortably.

If you would like more information on this article or would like to get a copy of my Law of Attraction ebook coming out in November, please contact me. View my blog to get my email address. I also give phone and email sessions depending on your preference. The first session is free which may be all that you need.

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