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24 aug

To Shift Your Life

ZulmaCarbajal Most people believe that the more they worry about something it will not happen. However, the opposite is true. The more you worry about something the greater the chance that it will come to pass. It is very difficult to change your thoughts from negative to positive when you are in the middle of chaos or things are falling apart left and right. Unfortunately if we do not make more of an effort the negative circumstances will continue and could even get worse.

I learned through my own experiences many tools that help change your thoughts and in response your circumstances improve as well. I share here a few techniques that I use to help myself shift out of negative thoughts and situations.

Avoid Negative Conversations
In order for you to start improving not only your life but to create a significant shift in the world, you have to stop getting involved in negative conversations. This includes watching negative shows on TV. We are all a lot more sensitive to negativity than we know. When you engross yourself in what is bad in the world you only create more of the same.

Avoid Energy Drainers
Now that I am more aware of my energy I could tell the difference immediately when I am with a positive person or an energy drainer. Before all I knew was that as soon as the energy drainer was gone I felt depleted, sick, or moody. In fact, a few times I literally became ill. I later began imagining that she stold my positive energy and she gave me all of her yucky energy. Once my studies on energy started I found out that this was not my imagination, it was actually happening. In order to manifest good things you have to be feeling very good. You can not do that if your positive energy is regularly being sucked dry by energy drainers. If you need more information please view my blog listed at the bottom of the article.

Shift Your Focus
We are all masters at knowing what we do not want. The evidence on how masterful you are has shown up in your environment, circumstances and relationships. The time has come to not only know what we do want, but in using our mind to assist us in getting it. Most people let their mind run wild and therefore they keep sabotaging themselves from attracting their desires. Then things start getting worse. Believe me it is much harder to get out of the hole of negative thougths when you are in deep with the unwanted circumstances that you created. It is much better and easier to catch yourself when you are thinking negatively when things are more stable.

Stop the Blame
When we are children we are indeed victims of circumstance. However, once we become adults we have the ability to transform our lives any time we want. I admit that change is not necessarily easy. However, it is not even possible when you have given your power to somebody or something else. This keeps your focus “out there” when the solution for your problem is actually “in here”. The more you get into the blame game the longer you will stay in the negative situation that you find yourself in. I agree that there are some very bad people in this world. However, there is a reason why we attract these people into our lives. You may get rid of one bad person, but if you do not change what is going on in the inside you will attract someone else who is just the same.

If you would like more tips please see my blog for contact information.

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