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31 aug

The First30Days Change Quiz

happier_confidenceAre You Good at Change?

You can be good at skiing, math, or sculpting, but can you also be good at change? Some people certainly seem to face change better than others. Ever wonder why your boss isn’t fazed by the biggest corporate changes, but your mother gets frazzled if there’s the slightest shift in her daily routine? And we all have friends who have successfully made major changes in their lives—like quitting smoking or losing weight—and others who give up the minute it gets tough. Whether it’s a change in your job, health, family, relationships, or life in general, transitions are an inevitable part of life. How well do you handle change? Take this quiz and find out!

1. Change makes me feel:

- Lonely and unlucky.
- Uncertain, but excited about what lies ahead.
- Paralyzed and afraid.
- Hopeful and inspired.

2. When faced with a challenging change, like losing my job or receiving bad news from the
doctor, I:

- Try to find the positive in the situation.
- Cry, scream, and then hide out in bed.
- Call a trusted friend.
- Eat excessive amounts of something chocolaty.

3. When I think of all the changes I would like to make in my life, like getting in shape, going back to school, or improving my relationship with my spouse, I:

- Remember how many times I’ve tried and failed before.
- Focus on one but never seem to get very far.
- Begin them all enthusiastically on January 1st and am back to my old self by the time March rolls around.
- Visualize exactly what I want to happen, create an action plan and start moving forward.

4. When I decide to make a major change, like leaving an unfulfilling relationship or
moving to a new city, the first thing I do is:

- Seek out others who have gone through similar changes.
- Feel overwhelmed by the work that lies ahead.
- Find books and web sites that can help.
- Think about all of the reasons why I’ll probably fail.

5. When I think back to the changes that I’ve already been through, I:

- Recognize how each one brought something positive into my life.
- Feel as if others have experienced more than I have.
- Am impressed with all that’s happened in my life.
- Wish that I had handled them differently.

6. When I tell others about a difficult change that’s come into my life, I:

- List the many reasons why I think it has happened.
- Outline a clear plan for moving through any pain or suffering that I may be experiencing.
- List all of the reasons why it will never get better.
- Feel overwhelmed, but capable of moving forward.

7. My friends would probably say that I:

- Can handle any change that comes my way and am unafraid to initiate changes in my life.
- Avoid change at all costs.
- Become angry and depressed when faced with change.
- Have a generally positive attitude and try to accept change.

8. When I feel stuck and unsure during change, I:

- Go for a run or take a yoga class.
- Sleep…a lot.
- Write in my journal and listen to some soothing music.
- Watch TV or drink alcohol.

9. When faced with change or hoping to initiate a change, I take some time to be quiet and
look within:

- Never—who has time to be quiet?
- Rarely—quiet alone time is a luxury.
- Sometimes—I can find a few minutes for myself right when I wake up or before drifting off to sleep.
- Often—I take a long walk or meditate several times a week.

10. When something changes in my life, I:

- Long for things to be as they once were.
- Accept the change and work to move through it.
- Get angry at life for making things harder.
- Feel as if I’m being protected.

How to Interpret Your Score

[32 - 40 points] Change Optimist

Change isn’t something you handle; it’s something you seek out! You welcome every change that comes into your life—even the tough ones—believing that each one serves a purpose and will eventually lead to good. You don’t waste time looking back at the way things were, instead you accept your new circumstances and wonder what’s around the next corner.

[21 - 31 points] Change Agent

Change is a familiar friend. Though you don’t always have the time to give it the attention it deserves, you accept the changes that life hands you and feel confident in your ability to initiate changes when necessary. You also understand that you never need to be alone when going through change. There are always people and resources that can help.

[11 – 20 points] Change Explorer

You’re not opposed to change, but it’s not something you welcome, either. When a difficult change comes up, you tend to hide or ignore what’s happening instead of accepting the change and working to move through it. Remember that from every change, even the most challenging, something good will always come. Keep moving—take a walk, clean the house, write in your journal—action helps dissipate the anxiety and tension that can arise during change; seek the help of others; and use empowering language to describe your change. Each one of these steps will help to make your journey through change less stressful.

[1-10 points] Change Novice

You don’t like change. In fact, you’d even say you hate it. You’re not alone. Many people find change difficult and feel isolated, misunderstood, and generally unlucky when changes come their way. But now is the perfect time to create a different belief system about change. The next time you’re faced with change, instead of asking, “Why me?” ask yourself if this change could be protecting you from something or helping you grow in some way. And, though it’s tempting to curl up in a ball and hide during change, it’s essential to seek out help from others—there are friends, family, colleagues, clergy members, support groups, and therapists available to guide you through change.

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