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03 aug

The All-Optical Network

JennaSmithNetworking is essential to any business. Most companies require some form of networking solution to handle business applications, phones, remote data storage or a host of other activities. MLPS is a viable solution to a company’s networking needs.

What is an All-Optical MPLS Network? The multiprotocol label switching (MLPS) carries data from one network node to another. The mechanism uses short path labels to accomplish this goal. An all-optical MPLS network is responsible for encapsulating packets of network protocols and supports T1/E1, DSL, ATM and Frame Relay. MPLS is preferred by many companies because it is highly scalable and “protocol agnostic.” How Does It Offer More Security? MPLS are private networks that are highly secure. Authorized traffic can be routed through the firewall. The firewall will offer security to the user. Hosting companies will also monitor the networks with proactive monitoring services.

Trained professionals can determine if a security breach is in progress and take steps, with the lessor’s approval, to mitigate losses. With proactive monitoring services, clients often do not notice any negative consequences. Most trained IT professionals can deliver a solution quickly and avoid downtime.

How is All-Optical MPLS More Efficient? Since networks are now viewed as mission-critical, companies must ensure that the networks are reliable and fast. MLPS is capable of handling security threats and data-intensive applications. The all-optical network is capable of handling high speeds. With simplified packet forwarding, the routing decision only has to be made once.

MPLS networks include tools that control paths with different flows. Traffic can be avoided with advanced tools. This allows companies to have an efficient and fast network with no complications. Because of the label stacking capability, MLPS networks are highly scalable. The networks have multiple layers of abstraction and are arranged in a hierarchy.

MPLS networks also support VPNs. With MPLS, a certain quality of service (QoS) will be delivered. Numerous differentiated services are offered to customers. This is a major benefit. Any service level agreements will also typically be honored by the hosting company.

All Optical Networks Offer Many Benefits to the Consumer Many vendors offer MLPS networks to consumers through hosting plans. The all-optical network is more affordable when hosted through the cloud. Customers can save money on the networking infrastructure and receive the benefits of Internet access without the up-front investment. Many new startups can benefit from this service. If security and business efficiency are a concern, business owners should consider MLPS networking a viable solution. MLPS is reliable, scalable and delivers exceptional performance.

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