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23 aug

How Even Small Weight Loss Can Save Your Life

JennaSmithIt is no secret that many people in the United States and abroad are overweight. The problem of obesity has reached epidemic proportions, with many people developing weight-related illnesses every year. The only real solution to this problem is permanent weight loss. Even a small amount of weight loss could mean the difference in curing the ailments associated with obesity.

Heart Conditions

Excess fat causes stress on the heart. The body has to work harder to stay alive when you carry excess weight. The heart has to fight to carry blood to the rest of the body, causing stress on the heart ventricles and valves. This extra exertion can lead to heart attack and premature death. Excess fat around the midsection puts stress on all of the body’s major organs, including the kidneys, liver and pancreas. Dieting research has shown that obese people are at a greater risk of heart attack than people of a healthy weight.

Losing just ten percent of excess body fat has been shown to make a significant difference in the body’s processes. With this weight loss, breathing becomes easier and the heart pumps blood more efficiently.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is common in people struggling with obesity. Snoring is one of the major symptoms of sleep apnea. These loud noises are not merely an annoyance, they are a sign of your body struggling to push air into your lungs. During an apnea episode, your breathing level drops down to dangerous levels and your body fights to wake you up so that you will start breathing normally again. Many people with sleep apnea don’t get adequate sleep.

Because of this sleep disturbance, many people struggling with obesity don’t have the energy to exercise. They also suffer from more headaches and eye disorders. The only real cure for sleep apnea is weight loss. Even just losing a few pounds can make the difference in someone suffering from sleep apnea.


Especially debilitating, many obese people will eventually find themselves with diabetes. This condition causes extreme drops in insulin. Some diabetics require a regular injection insulin daily. Diabetes can lead to loss of limbs if left untreated. This condition is almost exclusively found in the overweight and obese.

Significant weight loss has been shown to ease the symptoms of diabetes. In some cases, the disease disappears entirely after weight loss. Supplements like Sensa make it easier for you to lose weight by curbing cravings and boosting metabolism. To combat diabetes, eat a diet low in sugar, excess calories and excess fats. Choose from whole grains and avoid refined sugars and processed foods.

Obesity is the major contributor to a number of illnesses that kill people every year. By embarking on a weight loss program that includes healthy eating and exercise, you can avoid suffering from weight-related diseases. In many cases, simply losing a portion of your excess body weight makes a huge difference in your overall health. Combine Sensa with a healthy diet and regular exercise and enjoy a life of health and vitality.

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