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14 aug

Best Tips for Managing Your Green Dot Account

JennaSmithIf you have joined the millions of other Americans who have discovered the Green Dot prepaid card, you are in good company. This prepaid debit card has been a lifesaver for many who want the convenience of plastic without the fees associated with traditional bank accounts and credit cards. With the Green Dot card, banking is easy. Signing up takes just minutes and you can use your new card anywhere VISA or MasterCard is accepted.

By following a few tips for using your new card, you will be well on your way to enjoying the independence of using a prepaid credit card:

Keep Good Records and Protect Your Card

If your card is ever lost or stolen, you will need to replace it quickly to avoid the loss of your loaded funds. When you receive your Green Dot credit card, record your account number and the phone number to customer service in a secure place. This will make replacing the card and recovering your funds simple. Don’t delay in reporting a lost or stolen card. A thief can clean out your account in a matter of minutes, so it is important to take swift action if your card is misplaced.

Protect your card like cash and don’t share your PIN (personal identification number) with anyone. Memorize the PIN instead of writing it on the card so you won’t lose your funds if your card ever falls in the wrong hands.

Check Your Balance and Manage Your Account Regularly

When using your card, make sure to check your balance regularly to keep track of any irregularities. Although the Green Dot company is known for its reliability, glitches can occur. By checking your account from your computer or mobile device, you will be assured that your account is in good standing. Add funds periodically to maintain an adequte budget and avoid fees.

Set Up Automatic Transfers

If you are looking to use your Green Dot card as a savings account, it is helpful to set up automatic transfers between your bank and the card. You can transfer money to and from an outside account for savings purposes. Automatic transfers also assure that your account will never be completely empty, allowing you to avoid monthly fees. With automatic transfers you can set it and forget it. Watch your money grow effortlessly with automatic transfers to and from your external bank account.

The Green Dot card is Wal-Mart’s answer to high bank fees, overdrafts and finance charges. By making a card that is accessible to all, it makes the anxiety of the credit check a thing of the past. Now anyone can enjoy a credit account without the fees.

With the Green Dot card, you can refill your card when it is convenient and use it anywhere VISA or MasterCard are accepted. With several options for refilling your card, you can add money and use your card at worldwide retailers. Sign up for a Green Dot prepaid credit or debit card today and enjoy the power of plastic.

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