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26 jul

Rebuilding My Life from the Inside Out

ZulmaCarbajalIf you are experiencing job loss, lifestyle changes, relationship issues, illness or the death of a loved one, you are not alone. I for one have experienced all of the above within the last few years. While it has been a difficult time for me, it has also been the most rewarding. I will share with you the tools I have used to help me through my challenging situations.

Remember that change is always for the better

While you are going through a crises it will not seem as though change is for the better. But I assure you that it is. You might not be aware of it on a conscious level, but on a soul level there is a good reason for what you are going through. In my case the situations that occured forced me to take time to heal emotions and issues in my psyche I was not even aware I had. I had suppressed uncomfortable feelings and thoughts for decades. My main way of doing this was by being a workaholic. After my job loss, I eventually saw the futility of running away from my pain. My soul was telling me I was overdue for healing and it created a space and time for me to do so. If I were still working where I was, I never would have taken the time to heal.

Another thing that occurred was that I began to go within for answers. While I would never wish anyone to go through what I went through, my bad situation was so overwhelming I finally asked spirit for help and most importantly I began to listen. There was a magical experience that happened to me one special day and since then something shifted inside of me. For more information please see the article Mind, Body and Spiritual Balance in my personal site Prior to this, my focus was too much on the physical realm and my life felt very empty. I kept thinking, “If only this would happen I will be happy,” “If I get this I will be happy” or “If I do this I will be happy.” This led me to be a control freak, overly focused on doing and achieving. In the long run, I did not need anything that I was trying to get in order to be happy. Communion with spirit brought so much bliss into my life and everything else was not a priority anymore.

When my foundations fell down, I was shown how to rebuild my life again and this time with my heart and soul as part of the committee of decision making. Primarily I was led to find my authenic self. I was given the time to remember what my true purpose for being is. This is why I am writing to you here now. Otherwise I would be at my old job still or one just like it, dying a thousand deaths each day.

Stop negative thoughts and emotions

I know that this is hard to do when you are in the middle of chaos, but what I have learned is that the more we think about the worse case scenario the more it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Plus it blocks you from thinking clearly for possible solutions. The best thing to do in this case is to take time off from thinking about your problem. In fact, you are likely to get your answer when you are doing something unrelated to your issue. Some good things to do to help you clear your mind are; taking a walk, washing dishes, showering, doing yard work and jogging.

The worse part about thinking negatively is that you attract more of the same. Your negative thoughts create negative emotions. Your emotions are very powerful when it comes to manifesting. They bring things faster towards you and in abundance. You might be right in feeling what you are feeling. No one blamed me for feeling anger towards my previous employer. But not letting go of my anger was keeping me stuck in the black hole. I was also repelling those who could help me get out of my situation.

In the long run you are the one who gets the worse of it by holding on to negative emotions. It even begins to affect you physically. Doctors are now becoming aware of the the correlation between emotions and diseases. For example, someone who holds on to anger long term has a greater risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, skin problems, and even cancer.

Stop telling it how it is

Our words are also very powerful when it comes to manifesting. If you keep rehashing your problems you will create more of the same and also stay stuck where you are. I first learned this at the age of thirteen. My school friend and I would spend our recess and after school time talking about our dysfunctional family life and our dreadful school circumstances. After some time of this I began to sink into a deep depression. My math teacher noticed the change and pulled me aside to have a talk with me. Do to my issues with my parents I did not trust authority figures at the time so I did not share what was going on. But he said something to me that made me feel special. The magical future he saw for me became the catalyst to bring me back to the truth and forget what difficulties I was going through at home. My ideal future became my focus and therefore I no longer dwelled on negaive subjects. My life bagan to transform before I knew it. So on the days when I feel like sharing my woes with others out of bad habit, I stop myself. I remember that as a child I was able to make powerful changes so there is no good excuse not to do so now. Please note that this does not mean you do not seek out help when you need it. But you remind yourself why you are doing it, tell people on a need to know basis and give them the short version.

For assistance with your current life challenge you could find my contact information on I am a Life Coach now and my expertise is on helping people honor their spirit, body, heart and mind equally in order to live a more joyful life. I give sessions over the phone and if needed I do them via email as well. The first hour session is free which may be all that you need.

May you have blessed day!

Zulma Carbajal

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