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20 jul

A Cleansed Way of Living

JennaSmithEven though the media seems to glamorize and encourage drug use, there is nothing glamorous about doing drugs. Your life will be a lot better if you choose to remain alcohol and drug-free. Below are some of the benefits of living a clean life:

Clearer thinking

Drugs and alcohol can impair your judgment and cause you to make careless decisions. It is important to remember that when you make a careless decision, it not only affects you, but it also affects your family members and friends. Many cases of violence, lying and cheating can be attributed to drug or alcohol use. If you choose to remain drug and alcohol-free, you will be able to think clearer, which will reduce your chances of making a careless decision.

Stress management

Many people use drugs and alcohol to cope with the stresses of life. However, drug and alcohol use can actually worsen stress. Drug and alcohol users face the constant pressure of trying to hide their problem from their coworkers, family members and friends. You will not have anything to hide if you choose to abstain.

Better physical health

The human body was not designed to handle drugs and excessive amounts of alcohol. The heart, lungs, kidneys and liver can all be affected by drugs and alcohol. Many premature deaths could be prevented if more people would choose to abstain from drugs and alcohol.

Save your career

Employers have the responsibility of making sure that the working environment is safe for everyone. Studies have shown that people who use drugs and alcohol are more likely to become injured while on the job. Furthermore, drugs and alcohol can interfere with job performance. That is why most employers have implemented drug testing as a part of the application process. They have every right to deny a drug user a job even if the person is qualified. You can save your career by saying no to drugs and alcohol.

Again, your life will be much better if you choose to say no to drugs and alcohol. Clearer thinking, reduced stress and better physical health are just a few of the many benefits that come along with living a drug-free life. You will also be able to save your career. If you have been struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, there is help available. You can join a professional group, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, or visit

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