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Revamping Your Career: Getting Your Boss to Fall in Love with You

Ellen Lubin-ShermanIf you’re thinking of changing jobs, entering the workplace or wondering why you’re not on the short-list for a promotion, perhaps you are unaware of a well-kept secret: You must make the boss fall in love with you. Platonically, of course. Nothing untoward, no winks, no offers to see their etchings…just an unabashed admiration for exceeding their expectations.

Unlike frenemies, bosses are really easy to figure out. Bosses want people who are easy to work with, know why it’s important to meet deadlines, enjoy collaboration yet are self-starters and do not need prompts and taps on the shoulder to get the job done.
They also like cheerful and gregarious people – the type of person you’d want in the office at midnight putting together a presentation due the next day. Does any of this resonate? If it does, I would guess your boss is in love with you. Platonically, of course.

There’s a lot to be said for having a boss in love with you. In an anemic economy, a besotted boss will watch over you when the suits arrive to tell the boss “we need to downsize.” Why would he or she lose you when you’re clearly indispensable?
That’s another point. Indispensable. You must make yourself indispensable. How do you do this?

First: Arrive early. Bosses do not appreciate someone with a cavalier attitude about time. They love opening the door and seeing their employee fully deployed.

Second: Make the boss look good. When you go to a meeting, take comprehensive notes and ask the boss if he would like review them. If he says it’s not necessary, file them in case there’s a need to corroborate a point that was made during the meeting.

Third: Look swank every day. You are an ambassador to the company and its reputation in the marketplace. When you come to the office looking polished, you are demonstrating that you are proud to be an employee of the company. You’ll also get on the boss’s radar screen as someone with ambition and high-performance qualities.

Fourth: I know this sounds crazy but it works: If you should see a stray piece of paper on the floor, pick it up and throw it away. If your boss happens to walk by and observes your pride in the office, he will love you (platonically, of course).

Fifth: Never send an email to the boss that hasn’t been spell-and-grammar-checked. Not once, never! The boss is judging you by everything you do – the way you answer your phone, work with clients, deliver documents, research a topic, and communicate. Bosses love employees who care about the details that differentiate their company from the competition.

Sixth: Never publicly disagree with the boss. I once sat in a meeting with my boss and the client discussing a potential spokesperson for a product. My boss waxed rhapsodic about this potential spokesperson – her style, her eloquence, and the woman’s well-known reputation for being “on.” The only problem: The spokesperson was dead. Did I say a word? Of course not. I wanted the boss to love me. Platonically, of course.

For more than 30 years, Ellen Lubin-Sherman has flexed her “fabulous” muscles in guiding business leaders and luxury brands on how to infuse their identities with flair. In 2003, she founded LAUNCH, an executive coaching firm for leaders who wanted to turbocharge their confidence and differentiate themselves (and their companies) from the competition. In addition literally to writing the book on how to be fabulous (The Essentials of Fabulous), Ellen is a sought-after speaker renowned for her witticisms on society, culture, manners and style. For more about Ellen, please visit her website You can also find Ellen on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @ElleTellsIt.

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