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15 sep

My Past Life Regression Therapy Training with Dr. Brian Weiss

WEJMDThe premise of Past Life Regression Therapy is that there is a part of our mind that knows the cause of our physical or emotional distress and knows what the solution is as well.

The goal of Past Life Regression Therapy is to enable us to access that information from our unconscious mind in order to heal and be happy.

The protocol of Past Life Regression Therapy involves standard hypnotic induction and trance deepening techniques followed by suggestions that generate past life information.

What is fascinating and empowering about Past Life Regression Therapy is that we don’t need to believe in reincarnation and past lives for it to work wonders. If we do believe in reincarnation and past lives, all the better.

But if we don’t or are skeptical, it doesn’t matter because even if the material believed to be past life information was created by our imagination rather than recalled, it was, nonetheless, generated by our need and motivation to repair ourselves. Consequently, it will still yield valuable information for the therapeutic process. Our mind is that powerful.

Whether we truly were traumatized in some way in a past life which might explain why we have a chronic neck problem or we constructed a past life “memory” while under hypnosis, through the process of identifying the cause of our problem and re-framing the experience (changing our perspective or attitude about it), we can discharge the negative energy that is generating our neck problem and resolve it.

Bottom line: Past Life Regression Therapy can work wonders. It can heal people. It can relieve emotional burdens of guilt, shame and self-loathing that have been causing chronic physical and emotional problems that other forms of therapy have been unable to address.

When you are ready, a teacher will appear.

Brian L. Weiss , M.D. is one of the pioneers of Past Life Regression Therapy and is one of its most respected and prominent advocates, speakers and teachers. From October 18 through October 22, 2010, Dr. Weiss, a renowned psychiatrist who has treated over 3,000 patients with Past Life Regression Therapy and authored numerous books and CDs on the subject, conducted a Past Life Regression Therapy Training for therapists and allied professionals. Saying I was fortunate to be able to participate in this life-changing, life-affirming program would be an understatement.

I was blessed. Getting the professional training was my conscious motive for enrolling in the five-day program and it met my expectations. With my Past Life Regression Therapy Training Manual provided by Dr. Weiss firmly in hand, I know that with practice I will be able to offer this service to others and be good at it.

This blessing, however, proved to be the icing on my cake of blessings.

My cake of blessings was Brian Weiss himself, who provided not just his knowledge and experience regarding Past Live Therapy but also his heart and soul, his wisdom, his compassion, his intuition and inherent healing powers, and his humor, always laced with love and gentle truths.

My cake of blessings was sharing the experience with 128 other participants who were incredibly warm, loving, sincere, supportive, nurturing and spiritually grounded, all of which made the environment for soul searching and past life discovery very safe.

My cake of blessings was observing many past life regressions and related psychic phenomena that were mind-blowing, powerful and healing, and would have made me a true believer in reincarnation and past lives had I been a skeptic in the first place, which I was not.

My cake of blessings was experiencing a past life regression myself that opened my heart, elevated my spirit, and has helped me to be more mindful of where I am, what I am, who I am, what I’m doing, and why I’m doing it. It has helped me to better appreciate all the blessings I have in my life. It has helped me to make better choices.

When we realize that our purpose here on the planet, in our bodies, is not to build the tallest skyscraper or produce the biggest grossing movie, but rather is to learn about love, it inspires us to pay closer attention to the details of our lives, particularly how we treat our family, friends, neighbors, and our enemies as well.

Past Life Regression Therapy teaches us that we are our enemies in the sense that in our past lives we’ve been every type of person — the good, the bad, and the ugly. We have been the oppressed. We have been the oppressors. We have killed and been killed.

We have been black, white, red, brown, and yellow. We have been male and female. We have been straight and gay. We have been American, German, Russian, Egyptian, Irish, and Chinese, among others. We have been Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Buddhists, Islamists, and atheists, among others.

We’ve engaged in every type of occupation. We’ve been rich. We’ve been poor. We’ve experienced every type of illness, injury and death. We literally have “Been there, done that” in terms of just about anything we can think of.

The take home lesson to be learned from this multiple lives, multiple bodies scenario is that we are not our bodies, we are eternal, immortal spirits cut from the same cloth, we are One, which means that we should put our judgments aside, we should stop hating and attacking each other, we should embrace our spiritual similarities rather than our physical differences, and we should “Love Ye One Another.”

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