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06 sep

Creativity Is a Pathway to Self-Knowledge

Glad DoggettI used to think that artistic expression and creativity were reserved for the true artists among us. The talented, revered ones.

I don’t think that anymore.

A couple years ago I realized that creativity can be an act of courage and a doorway to transformation.

Expression through the arts can allow one to speak a language that words can’t articulate.

I found this wisdom in an online painting class.

Was it coincidence or providence that directed me to my first class?

I will probably never know. But, what I know to my teeth is that it awakened me.

Although I had always told myself that I was no good at art or painting or any creative endeavor for that matter, I felt a gravitational pull to take that first online art class.

At that time, I was in a dark place, adrift. I needed an anchor.

So, in spite of my fears, my screaming inner critic and my inability to draw a balanced stick figure, I signed up.

I mark the day I joined that online art class as my first step to recovering my Self.

Something clicked. I roamed Hobby Lobby with a renewed purpose, buying paints, studying brushes, stroking special papers, discovering gel medium. I was on fire.

Over the course of the four-week class, I created several paintings and collages. Whenever I sat with my paints and practiced the techniques, I would forget that I was sad. The process of creating was like a salve to my soul.

Time passed, and without my notice, I began to feel better. I started seeing color in place of the grayness. I started to feel happy again.

Before my fling with the world of online artsy classes ended, I took two more painting classes, an online photography class, and a journaling class. I even ventured out into the real world and had a one-night stand with jewelry making.

I had fun. I relaxed. I learned a lot. And I found my way out of a funk that I thought would never end.

Expressing my creative Self slowly thawed me out. I found entrance to a frozen place that words alone couldn’t reach. I didn’t even know I’d lost my connection to creative self-expression until I found it.

Through creativity, I discovered an inner strength that comes from giving my vulnerabilities breathing room. Even though I felt uncomfortable and foolish at times, pushing through it helped me learn that on the other side of the discomfort is swirly joy.

I learned that my old, tired story of not being good enough or creative enough or artistic enough was simply untrue. For far too long, I obeyed my inner critic. I believed that creating something wasn’t worth doing if it wasn’t done perfectly.

I no longer dabble in paints, but I know for sure that the act of creating is crucial to change.

We are all creative beings longing to express something new, unique and beautiful.

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