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28 jul

We All Have Our Off Days

Glad DoggettWe all have off days.

With this in mind, I have a confession. Actually I have several.

Today I ate two donuts for breakfast. I didn’t think twice. I just did it. And then I beat myself up for it all afternoon.

Then, I ate pizza for lunch. And it tasted delicious!

At least it was a veggie pizza. That counts for something, right?

And donuts again for dinner. I was racing to get my monthly allowance of carbs and fats, I guess.

Later, I argued with my daughter over something stupid. We know how to bait each other. How to hit the sore spots.

Today’s petty tiff was an I’m-right-you-are-wrong punch-fest. Verbal punches can be much worse than the physical kinds when you know where to land them.

Also, I skipped my exercise promise to myself. I planned to do it. But it was so hot outside. And I felt sluggish and over-full on donuts and pizza.

So I sat on my ass instead of getting up and moving.

Today, I read a few gorgeous blogs by popular bloggers I envy admire. I covet their followings, their connections and the relationships they have with one another. Even though I know better, I had a pity party. For one.

Today, I measured my morsel of influence in the blog world against the whole freakin’ pie sized influence of the cool kids. And I felt like shit.

Today, I sort of sucked in the self-coaching-love-myself realm.

But you know what? I’m human. And I have my off days. We all do.

So, instead of making this dip a crisis of enormous proportions, I’m going to see it for what it is. An off day.

I choose to be kind to Me today. I forgive my messy-not-so-disciplined-carb-loving-a-wee-bit-lazy Self.

Tomorrow is a new day, after all.

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