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16 nov

Coming Out of Survival No. 10: Restless Soul

WaniManleyThis Restless Soul sought out a journey for peace, but instead found Truth.

This Restless Soul finds itself on some distant path, seemingly way off course from whence it started.

This Restless Soul is now on its way home.

Where this Restless Soul is, it doesn’t quite know how to be, for this Restless is ever so evolving into something that cannot be defined nor contained.

And so this Restless Soul yearns and reaches for the familiar, but the familiar is too far to reach.

This Restless Soul is at best like fish out of water as it is detached and withdrawn from everything, everyone and all that it once was; yet if feels everything and everyone like its own skin because it now knows it is everyone and it is everything.

This Restless Soul craves stillness, itself; yet the world craves its attention.

This Restless Soul longs to just be all that it is, but all that it is seems to be a journey, a pathway of all that it is and all that it is everything.

This Restless Soul sees that it is not in this world, this world is inside it; and yet this Restless Soul doesn’t quite know how to be in this world.

This Restless Soul feels confusion, disoriented even; yet radically clear as this Restless Soul is engulfed in the flames of Truth.

This Restless Soul is crazy for freedom yet fears all that freedom endures.

This Restless Soul is detached from the world; yet so connected to the world because it now knows it is the world. It created the world.

This Restless Soul now has a new set of eyes and with these eyes sees the illusions of the world. It sees the world as a movie it created, and as this Restless Soul observes its creation with awe, it is in bewilderment as it sees itself in all of the actors. Oh, but wait, this Restless Soul realizes it IS all the actors.

This Restless Soul, once asleep, is now awake, awakened by Truth.

Wani Iris Manly

“Restless Soul” is dedicated to my dear friend Maggie Mesa who continously encourages me to write during my most precarious times when I am the most uninspired and unmotivated to write. My friend, I thank you.

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