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03 aug

Where Does Your Time Go?

HelenKimWould You Hire Your Personal Management Team?
(The ones in the mirror)

When you gain clarity around your money relationship one of the most positive results is that you become aware of how and with whom you spend 2 precious commodities: your time and your energy. Your priorities become straight and your energy is used more wisely as you become cognizant of the fact that a prosperous life is one where you use your energy towards things that deepen your sense of purpose and well being.

The simplest way to get awareness around your Time, Energy, Money factor is to track everything you do in a day. Then, go through each activity and ask

* How much time did it take?
* How much of my energy did it require of me? What is the quality of energy I received in the doing of it?
* How much money did it cost? Or how much money did I make given the Time and Energy I put into t?

What matters to you? What activities could you curtail or give to someone else?
Do you create busy work for yourself as a form of procrastination – a form of resistance? I remember how lost I felt when I first hired someone to assist me with administrative work. All this freed up time showed me how I was kidding myself. The “if only I had someone to help me” tape was no longer valid and now I was scrambling to find things for her to do! Uncovering the true motivations behind my habits of fear and resistance helped me move through to a more effective way of being.

When I started tracking my money I realized I was spending an extra 45 minutes to an hour waiting in long lines at the grocery store, at the end of long days when I was super tired and would have rather been at home. Now I get in my big weekly shopping which gives me extra time, let’s me apply my energy and focus on things I consciously know will support my purpose in life. And, it requires me to be more organized about my food because I have to plan ahead. Seemingly small things create a much bigger impact in other areas of your life – well beyond your Time + Energy + Money factor.

A client who started tracking her money noticed she was spending an inordinately high amount on taxi cabs. An actress who held a full time administrative job, she took auditions on her lunch hour. When I asked her why she took so many cabs she said she was always running behind because she was exhausted. “Why?” Because she didn’t get enough sleep. Long story short, she started taking her self care regime seriously, got to bed earlier and now that she was aware of her Time + Energy quotient, planned ahead and started walking to auditions. She slipped in some exercise and she saved money. What initially appeared to be an overspending issue was at its root a Time + Energy issue.

The equation that Time + Energy = Money is true but I look at it this way: Money allows us to do what we want with our Time + Energy.

This week, make an effort to track where you are spending your time and consciously analyze the decisions you make about your priorities. After all, if you aren’t running your life – who is?

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Posted by Helen Kim on August 3rd, 2010 in Finances | 1 comments

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  • This hit the nail directly on the head! What a simple way of making it plain! I shared this with my mom because as a retiree she’s learning how to enjoy her life again!!! These are awesome posts and I’m glad I found them!

    — Added by dpualumni45 on October 12th, 2010

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