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23 aug

What Part of Your Life Is Currently Under Construction?

Tracye2At any given moment on any given day everyone has a new project. Maybe it’s a new addition to the house, a new workout plan, a new baby, a different job, the 20-page “To-Do” or “Honey-Do” list, or more. It never ends.

When we are constantly in movement, or obsessing about movement, sometimes we stall. Stalling is not stillness, which is a beautiful thing. Stalling is when our “construction” becomes obstruction.

Oh certainly some things will just happen naturally. But most take our getting busy to accomplish. Check out my tips to get you charged:

1) Stop punishing yourself. So you haven’t gotten to it yet. NOT the end of the world.
2) Scrap your “To Do” list and make a Victory List as Jack Canfield says in his book The Success Principles. Yep, it’s a mind trick. But, I’m simple and it works for me!
3) Downsize the tasks. One small victory at a time. Call the contractor or call for info on that new gym or yoga studio. Victory!
4) Move your body. It will move your mind!

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