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03 aug

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Tracye2Finding the “YES!”

Believe the universe is conspiring to support you,” my yoga instructor offered as the sweat poured from my body and my mind screamed “You can’t do this today! Child’s pose, just child’s pose! As a matter of fact, you’re crazy to believe you can succeed with any of your silly ideas.”

I was completely lost in the “No” moment that morning. I walked into the studio in the “No” mind space. Stuck! At least I thought. But yoga is an interesting thing. The more I focused on the breath, the more I focused on the flow of my body, the more I opened my mind to the possibility – to the “Yes!” that could be if I let it.

The moment was mine. I could give in to the ridiculous notion of fear and failure or I could flow right through it and know without a doubt that the universe truly is conspiring to support me! Which do you think I chose? Which do you choose?

Try turning your “No” moments into “Yes!” this year and see what happens.

  1. Take mental (maybe written!) note of how often your mind goes to the “No” place in one day and possible reasons?
  2. Write down all of the times that “Yes!” changed your life in a positive way.
  3. Enlist the help of “Yes!” buddy to support your journey.

Trust and see yourself as the superstar that others do. Know that the moment is yours if you choose. Be well!

Drop that Dead Weight!

I think of my marathon running days. I can never carry all those gadgets, backpacks, water, sports drinks, goo, etc. It’s just too heavy. The race is way too long and hard for all that crap. I feel weighed down during a time when I need to feel like I could fly.

Drop it! In my first long race years ago, I remember tossing stuff along the roadside. I had to get lighter and keep moving to the finish line. Relying on my mental strength, my team and volunteers at the water stops was my only choice.

In yoga class, people arrive and set up “their” spot with the fancy mat, eighteen water bottles, special towel, and anything else they can find to get the perfect flow. Perhaps distractions? A little dead weight? I’m just saying. Drop it!
As you look at your life, ask yourself “How much dead weight am I carrying?” What’s got to go?

On a recent trip a beloved friend reminded me to question the value-add of the people, events, and possessions in my life. Is there someone, something, some place that is holding you back from your true self? Your destiny? Your peace? Your freedom?

So how do you know? Oh, you know! And if for some reason you’re not listening to your own voice or heart and still can’t figure it out, ask The Divine. Then listen and do –the hardest part being the “do.” I know this personally, so here are a few suggestions from someone in the active “Drop it!” state:

  1. Get with your Real Team – Who are the people who keep it real in your life? Who will honestly and out of true love tell you when you’re wrong, someone is wrong for you, or something is wrong. Listen and do.
  2. Be honest with yourself – It’s hard and exhausting to toss all dead weight at once. Take it a pound at a time.
  3. Stay on the lookout for volunteers and water stops along the way – If we pay attention we will find that help and cheers are available everywhere.
  4. Go to The Divine – Humble yourself and know that there is a greater source. Be guided.

The journey of living and being well is about releasing that which holds of from love, from freedom. Drop it! Drop it by the roadside and keep moving to the finish line! I know that’s my focus. What about you? Life is waiting. Be well!

Tracye Warfield is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT), and a self-taught accomplished chef. After a successful career in banking, Tracye decided it was time for a lifestyle change. She has been practicing yoga since 1999. She began her metamorphosis in the California Bay Area. Through the practice of yoga, a stronger focus on eating healthy and achieving a greater understanding of nature, her life and spirit have been transformed. Tracye feels it is now time to share her life alteration and all its responsibilities, with the world.

In 2007 she published a cookbook, Experience Dinner – Recipes by Tracye Warfield and embarked on a career as a personal chef with varied clients throughout the New York metropolitan area. Her success was nearly instant, her menus often provocative and her ingredients are always natural and when possible, organic.

She received her yoga-teaching certificate at the acclaimed Yoga Sutra studio in New York City with a focus on studies drawing upon the traditions and principles of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Iyengar yoga. She received her infant massage certificate with industry leader, Tina Allen of LiddleKidz in 2009 which provided a way to work with entire families focused on the healing powers of touch and the ever lasting love that touch draws upon.

She formed her company bytracye in November of 2007 with a focus on mind, body, spirit and food. What is bytracye all about? Well, Tracye says: “We want to create for each of our clients, a wonderful holistic experience in all that we do.” We want our love of life to be present either in studio or in the kitchen and our only measure of success is client happiness.”

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  • This blog is right on time for me I know it is an old one but I was led to read it today; and I am deeply moved by what was shared. Thanks to the blogger.

    — Added by bobbiedr on August 16th, 2010

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