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Getting Back to Routine

happier_confidenceHow many times have you resolved to live a healthier life – to eat less, exercise more, and take care of your body? It’s hard to keep on track and persevere. There are so many daily distractions to keep you from reaching your goals. Establishing an everyday routine will help you get on the right path. Don’t know where or how to begin? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Follow these five tips to kick-start your new regimen. Before you know it, you’ll be hitting the gym and snacking on veggies. Aren’t you the picture of health and happiness?

Drink Lots of H2O

You know that your body needs to stay hydrated. But you never seem to drink enough water. (Chug those eight glasses a day!) Try swapping your soda or juice for a glass of good old-fashioned H2O. And make a habit of carrying a water bottle in your purse everywhere you go. You’ll feel refreshed and replenished. Bonus: You’ll see a subtle difference in your skin too! (You look radiant, darling!)

Incorporate Exercise

Let’s take baby steps. Ideally, you want to get some cardio in. But incorporating exercise into your daily routine will also help. Walk or bike to work, take the stairs in your apartment building, and do a few stretches, lunges, and squats while you’re watching TV. No more Ms. Couch Potato!

Make Substitutions

We’re not going to tell you to go vegan and cut out all your favorite foods. Like we said,…baby steps. But it certainly wouldn’t hurt to eat more veggies and produce. Simple swaps go a long way. When you’re craving something sweet, nibble on fruit or eat yogurt. And when you’re dining out, use your brain. (Skip the fries and get a side salad!)

Take Time for Yourself

We know how it is. You have a lot on your plate, and you’re always on the go. But it’s important to carve out time to do something just for you. Meditate, practice yoga, read a book, or watch a movie – anything that makes you happy. Try to fit even 30 minutes of “me” time into your day – every day! You’ll feel a difference as you become the new, improved you.

Take Your Vitamins

We totally sound like your mom. (She was definitely on to something!) This seemingly small step can make a difference in your overall health and well-being. Find a daily vitamin that’s suited to your lifestyle. One A Day offers vitamins that support your specific concerns, like Menopause Formula, Women’s Prenatal, Teen Advantage for Her, Women’s 50+ Advantage, Women’s Active Metabolism, Women’s Active Mind & Body, and Women’s. Once you’ve found the vitamin that’s right for you, the challenge is remembering to take it every day. Leave yourself a note on the fridge for the morning, or put the bottle inside your morning coffee mug. Bottom’s up – here’s to your health!

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  • This is a good kick in the rear to remind me how easy it should be to get on track with a few simple changes!

    — Added by schumach on September 2nd, 2010

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