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09 aug

Coming Out of Survival No. 7: Acceptance


I accept my dark complexion, my coarse, kinky short hair, full lips, my nose, big hips, ass and thighs.

I accept the image in the mirror, the number on the scale in my bathroom.

What’s more, I even love it. I love me.

I accept my ancestry; a gorgeous African I am.

I accept the struggles for all that I have achieved.

I accept the only Love of my Life thus far belonged to someone else. Yes, he was married.

I accept my mistakes; all of them, for they led to my enchanted discoveries.

I accept the humanness in me although I’ve always hidden it with masks just for me you to like me.

I accept I am what I am because of what I’ve chosen to become.

I accept that “I don’t know” is a better answer then “yes” because it leads me to contemplation.

I accept I don’t have it all figured out but I know Grace does, and I accept Grace.

I accept I am on a journey of learning, that I don’t have all the answers or quite know how this cycle of Life will play itself out.

I accept you may not understand my path because I know I take a journey in which you yourself haven’t yet discovered, but eventually you will.

I accept you may not relate with my journey, nor even understand it and as such, you may judge me.

It is not for you to understand. I do.

I accept I’ve hurt some, maybe many, but like you, I was doing the best I knew at the time and in that moment.

I accept right now, I am unattached because I am falling in love with me, my Beloved.

I accept where I am right now, in this moment, is where I need to be for my Beloved, and

for us to walk The Path together.

I accept that all I’ve done is to try to gain your love, your approval, and adoration, but no more.

I accept me. I approve of me. I adore me. I love me. I am so in love with me.

I accept I had to go through what I went through to help me, help you, and to help us.

You see, I am you, You are me, and yes, We are one.

I accept the Divine Plan, the Divine Order, and the Divine Hand.

I accept everything as is, because to do otherwise is to suffer and I choose to no longer suffer.

I accept I can change it all whenever I choose.

I accept victory in the same spirit as defeat because when you look closely, there is really no difference.

I accept that to some extent we are all confused, unaware and even asleep,

but it’s only a matter of time before you wake up as I did.

I accept you may be intimated by me because I am a woman, a strong one at that and you may even be scared of my strength.

I accept I represent and am a reminder to you of everything that you dare to become but are afraid. Like you, I was once afraid.

Go ahead and take the leap. You’ll discover, as I did, that you have wings to fly and will soar.

I accept you may think that I no longer love you and are afraid simply because I now know who I am and realize my power.

But you see, because I now know who I am and also now know you are, I love you even more.

I accept I have a purpose that I must fulfill, which you may not understand. I fulfill it anyway.

I accept my life is the way that it is, have had to have been the way it is only for me to turn it around and to show you how to do the same. This responsibility, I humbly accept.

I accept that you talk about me, ridicule me, judge me, and don’t like me even.

I accept and love you anyway.

I accept I am here today, in this space planting the seeds for a better tomorrow

in this imagined time and space.

I accept I am on my path, The Path, you are one your path, but in the end, if there is such a thing called the end, we shall end up in the same place and that is the place of our Beloved.

I accept I may not know how the journey on this path will look, unfold, what turns it will take, but I choose to take it anyway.

The uncertainty is the beauty of it all, and so, how could I have it any other way?

I accept I am a work in progress and until enlightenment or beyond,

I am forever in the process of growth.

I accept those voices in my head that try to hold me back every time I see fear for what it is and decide to face fear.

I accept me when I’m being me, when I’m not, you when you’re being you and even when you’re not.

I accept that I will have to let go of the old to make way for the new and what new is I have no clue.

I accept that I am losing the mundane to gain the extraordinary.

I accept I may have to lose some, maybe alot or everything just to gain it all.

I accept all the Love disguised as trials, tests, challenges and obstacles, for it is Grace.

I accept me,

all of me,


Acceptance, what a beautiful place to be.

Wani Manly

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